Tonga’s COVID-19 cases reach at least 139, one case including a 5-month-old baby

The total number of COVID-19 cases in Tonga reached at least 139 on Monday, with the youngest case being a 5-month-old infant after the emergence of highly infectious Omicron variants in a tsunami-stricken country. The local media reported.

Of these cases, 133 were from Tongatapu and 6 were from the village of Vava’u.

Health Minister Saia Piukala of Tonga said that only one patient needed oxygen for asthma and the other had mild symptoms. report..

The oldest case was a 63-year-old patient, and all infected children over the age of 12 were immunized, Piukala said. He said 1,344 residents of Tonga have not yet been vaccinated.

Pacific island nations are skyrocketing CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virusAfter a test submitted to Australia last week confirmed that a variant of Omicron arrived in Tonga, it is commonly known as the new coronavirus.

Scientific evidence suggests that Omicron is less severe than something like Delta, but Piukala has been subspecies in Tonga, which had previously reported only one case of infection since the onset of the pandemic. He emphasized that the species can spread rapidly.

“People who are sick with the Delta variant can spread it to another 1-3 people, while those who are sick with the Omicron variant can spread it to up to 7-8 people,” he said. Told to.

The country was blocked after two workers at Nuku’alofa Port tested positive for the CCP virus. All transportation and flights between the islands were interrupted and residents were urged to wear masks in public.

The eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga-Haapai volcano on January 15 and the subsequent tsunami wiped out the entire village on one of the small remote islands, killing at least three people and humanitarian supplies from various countries. Have been received.

Tonga volcano
Satellite image of Tonga’s underwater volcanic eruption that reached the stratosphere on January 15, 2022. (AAP Image / Tonga Meteorological Service, Tonga Government)

The World Bank estimated on Monday that an eruption, tsunami, and ash fall caused $ 90.4 million in damage. This represents 18.5 percent of Tonga’s gross domestic product.

NASA said the eruption of a submarine volcano was “hundreds of times stronger” than a nuclear explosion in Hiroshima.

“For comparison, scientists estimate that Mount St. Helens exploded at 24 megatons in 1980 and Krakatoa exploded at 200 megatons of energy in 1883,” NASA said. statement..

NASA Chief Scientist Jimmy Garvin and his colleagues have been monitoring changes in Tonga since the new land rose above the surface in 2015 and joined the two existing lands. They combined satellite observations with surface-based geophysical surveys to track changes in Pacific island nations.

“This is a tentative estimate, but I think the amount of energy released by the eruption is equivalent to 4-18 megatons of TNT,” Garvin said.

“The number is based on the amount removed, the resistance of the rock, and the height at which the eruption clouds were blown into the atmosphere at various velocities.”

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