Too early to set a date to relax travel restrictions: Canadian Minister of Transport

Ottawa-The Minister of Transport Ottawa has stated that he cannot yet promise a date on which Canada will be able to relax travel restrictions with so-called vaccine passports, or a benchmark for COVID-19 vaccination rates.

At today’s virtual press conference, he said the decision on hotel quarantine for air passengers and the final reopening of the border depends on public health advice and unspecified “data and evidence” related to the pandemic. Stated.

Alghabra states that the travel and aviation sectors will take off again “when it’s safe.”

Alghabra emphasizes the need for a “common platform” to identify the immunization status of travelers and today works with G7 countries and the European Union to integrate vaccine certification into overseas travel in the coming months. I said it was planned.

On Wednesday, the EU took a step towards relaxing travel rules for tourists from outside the block in 27 countries. The ambassador has agreed to take steps to accept fully vaccinated visitors, but the date is undecided.

The EU Ambassador also agreed to relax the standards necessary for a country to be considered COVID-19 safe and all tourists to be able to travel from it, depending on the coronavirus and vaccination status.

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