Top GOP pollsters say Trump is “paying” even among Republicans for what the January 6 hearing revealed.

Donald Trump speaks at a Wyoming rally

Former President Donald Trump opposed the January 6 panel inquiry.Chet Strange / Getty Images

  • Republican pollster Frank Luntz told CNN that Trump was “paying for” at a hearing on January 6.

  • He added that Trump can “send his email”, but they are “less and less influential.”

  • Luntz also commented on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, calling him “more than a threat” to Trump.

Conservative pollster Frank Luntz said this week he believes former President Donald Trump’s popularity has been undermined by a January 6 panel hearing on the parliamentary turmoil.

Speak in CNN’s New Day ProgramThe panel said the panel was “too” focused on politicians, but commented that the hearing was still hurting Trump.

“Donald Trump is actually paying for what these hearings show, so even among Republicans, it’s influential,” Luntz said.

He also commented that the hearing did not provide sufficient visual material for the actual riots.

“And in the end, Americans react visually, not just in words, but in conversation, and it’s those visuals that prove to them that something really terrible happened on January 6th,” he said. Added.

Lantz also told CNN: Polling in New Hampshire Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has shown that he is ahead of the state’s Trump.

“Ron DeSantis actually outperforms Donald Trump in a very reliable study. The number of Trumps is actually declining, which is changing the dynamics here,” Lantz said. He added that these changing impressions could ultimately affect whether Trump will run for president again in 2024.

When asked about how DeSantis would work in 2024, Luntz told CNN that the Governor of Florida is now “more than a threat” to Trump. Lantz emphasized that DeSantis had proved himself and gave Republicans the opportunity to say “it’s time to move on” from Trump.

“Undoubtedly, Donald Trump is the most popular politician in the Republican Party, but now there are certain challengers,” Luntz said. “And Trump can scream and send his email. I’m on his list. They’re all emotional and aim to blow everything up, but everything The impact on people is less and less. One month. “

Lantz has openly criticized Trump several times. For example, last May, Luntz Mr. Trump’s unfounded allegations of fraudulent voting could harm Republicans in 2022, he said. April, Runz Republicans reveal that they are personally “laughing” at Trump behind him Because they consider him a “child”.

Meanwhile, Trump opposed the January 6 panel inquiry. Demand equivalent broadcast time on national television When Released a 12-page statement He blamed the investigation while continuing to promote the unfounded allegations of fraudulent voting.

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