Top Intel Republicans warn of nuclear aggression and accuse Biden of using the Ukrainian war as a policy “shield”

FIRST ON FOX: Top Republican The House Permanent Select Commission on Intelligence (HPSCI) has warned that the United States is facing an increase in nuclear attacks from its enemies and is calling on the Biden administration over its “far left”. Energy policy It is exposed to soaring gas prices and other side effects of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

At a hearing on Tuesday, U.S. intelligence officials warned the Russian president, entitled “Open Annual Worldwide Threat Hearing.” Vladimir Putin Dissatisfied with his invasion Ukraine He’s taking a more aggressive approach to take over the country, so it’s going to be “ugly” in the coming weeks.

Republican Rep. Mike Turner, a ranking member of HPSCI, put pressure on Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines during a hearing about Russia’s potential to strengthen its nuclear force against the United States.

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“Your evaluation is [nuclear] Is the threat increasing? “Turner asked during the hearing.

Haynes replied, “Threats are generally on the rise, yes. I think it’s fair.”

After the hearing, Turner told Fox News Digital in an exclusive statement that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has increased the threat of a “nuclear attack” from US allies.

“The growing threat of nuclear attacks from adversaries was confirmed by the intelligence community at today’s hearing. The Byden administration is currently undergoing a nuclear posture review that directs the modernization of nuclear policy and nuclear triads. This important capability ensures that we have a safe, secure and reliable nuclear deterrent to counter our enemies. “

The House of Representatives finished the open part of the hearing by noon and entered a private session with intelligence officials late in the afternoon.

In addition, Elise Stephanik, RN.Y, Chairman of the House Republican Conference. Accused Biden of using the war in Ukraine as a “shield” on his left-hand energy agenda and called for America’s energy self-sufficiency.

“No doubt Joe Biden’s war on American energy is due to Gas’s record high. Biden uses Russia’s war in Ukraine as a shield on his far left anti-energy agenda. “I’m doing it,” Stephanic told Fox News Digital. The hearing has ended.

“Instead of unleashing American energy domination at home, the Biden administration is looking to other foreign dictators and a regime in line with Russia to meet this need. We unleash American energy domination, No longer relying on foreign enemies for oil and gas. The only way the United States can reverse the historic gas prices that are hurting families across the country and ensure our energy and national security. “

Stephanique also asked FBI Director Chris Ray during a hearing about the tragic Schoharie County limousine crash in northern New York.

“Today, I tragically kill 20 people in a tragic Schoharie County limousine accident that the FBI could have avoided if they hadn’t turned a blind eye to the criminal activity of the driver (FBI informant) and his company. Standing up for a lost family in northern New York. A long history of negligence. Proper monitoring of the FBI’s activities is part of the parliamentary task and tragic by the parliamentary subpoena in the Republican majority next year. Don’t hesitate to force all FBI documents on the Schoharie County Limousine Clash, “she told Fox News Digital.

President Biden announced on Tuesday a ban on Russia’s oil imports as the deadly war with Ukraine continues.

“It’s not true that my government and policies are curbing domestic energy production,” Biden said Tuesday, pushing back criticism from Republicans and 90% of onshore oil production is from non-federal governments. Said it was done on land.