Top Prince of Saudi Arabia UAE for Meeting with Crown Prince

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (AP) — A strong Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi visits Saudi Arabia to meet with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman on Monday after several weeks of speculation about the widening rift between the two leaders. Did. It happened when their countries competed for business, regional investment, and excellence.

The meeting between Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, 60, and Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 35, was also held the day after the Energy Minister announced. Compromise on oil production quota Before that, there was a rare public commentary between OPEC allies.

The two princes, who have huge oil reserves in both countries, are considered de facto leaders in their respective countries. They oversee their armed forces and control intelligence and foreign policy.

Their meeting in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, was attended by a close circle of three senior officials from both sides. The state-owned Saudi Press Agency reported few details of the meeting, explaining it as a discussion of “deep fraternity between the two countries” and “latest regional and international development.”

The news agency reported that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman personally welcomed Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed when he arrived in Riyadh.

When the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi led Saudi Arabia’s ambitious and brave heirs to the throne, the two princes reportedly shared brotherly ties and spent time on hunting trips in the desert. Prince Mohammed worked to model the transformational aspects of the Kingdom regarding the success of the United Arab Emirates.

The two de facto leaders who broke ties with neighboring Qatar when Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates began a war in Yemen were very close. In late 2017, the two countries announced a new partnership to coordinate in all areas of military, political, economic, trade and culture.

But more recently, more and more political differences have emerged, especially when it comes to fighting in Yemen and its relationship with Qatar. This has led some analysts to speculate on behind-the-scenes tensions between the two powerful princes.

But on Monday, the UAE’s state news agency said the meeting in Riyadh sought a way to “strengthen prosperous relations and strategic cooperation” between the two countries.

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