Toray Heart’s #LatePost leaves fan jaws on the floor

Toray Heart I’m regaining sexy.

Hart recently posted Instagram Photo She has become cute for Santa Claus. She was painted in pink polka-dotted pajamas and gray socks, swaying with a beautiful bright smile. The matching pajamas were a set of long-sleeved tops and tight shorts.

Toray Heart.  (Photo: @ torreihart / Instagram)

Toray Heart. (Photo: @ torreihart / Instagram)

She stood in front of the decorated Christmas tree, in a frivolous pose, with one hand passing her finger through her hair and the other hand holding a drink. She asked, “It’s still Christmas, right? #Latepost,” in the caption of the December 28 upload.

Fans couldn’t help but comment on the dashing looks of the actress. She received many compliments such as “looks like the best gift under treeeeeeeeeecccuuutteeeeee”, “it’s getting hot here …”.

However, some not only referred to her ex-husband’s famous comedian, but also left it to herself to tag. Kevin Hart.. One said, “Kevin couldn’t handle that sexyness,” and another wrote, “@ kevinhart4real could be F-ck …”.

Kevin and Toray were married from 2003 to 2011, and they share a 16-year-old daughter, Heaven and his son Hendrix, 14. Toray explained in the past that she and Kevin had divorced because of his unfaithfulness. About a few times with his comedy kit.

Toray also blamed Kevin’s current wife, Enico Parish, Kevin, one of the women tricked With her, she said that was the reason their union was destroyed. Parish is constantly denying the accusation, but in 2017 a sex tape leaked showing Kevin cheating on Parish. When the scandal happened, she was eight months pregnant with her first child, Kenzo Hart.

Since then, the couple have resolved their marital concerns and welcomed their second child, Kaori Hart, in 2020.

Many wondered why Toray would continue to have Kevin’s name as Toray had been divorced for years and he had remarried. She opened up about her decision to continue using her name during her appearance at the 2021 “The Real” talk show.

she Said, “I and Kevin decided that I had no problem changing my name, and my kids also told me,” Mom, we want you to change your name. No”. They wanted the same name as me, so I said “OK”.

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