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Conservative potential leader and MP Leslyn Lewis said this while global organizations and businesses are increasingly violating Canada’s sovereignty and raising concerns about Canada’s democracy and “our way of life.” The country states that individual freedom is gradually being lost. Along with the economy and “out of control living expenses,” she said, these are pressing issues that require attention.

“We are increasingly seeing global companies violating our sovereignty,” lawyer Lewis told The Epoch Times in an interview.

“And these global organizations actually partner with global companies to provide the right wealth and the right things that were previously free, such as those who own plants, those who own certain products, etc. You can see that you are doing it. “

As an example, Lewis cited the United Nations agency, the World Health Organization (WHO).

“WHO is under the United Nations, which violates our sovereignty in more and more ways, even in the food we consume, through biodiversity agreements and the like,” she said. ..

Known as Convention on Biological DiversityThe multilateral treaty commits to signatories. Canada“Conservation of biodiversity, sustainable use of its components, and fair and equitable sharing of the benefits resulting from the use of genetic resources”.

Another example given by Lewis Global Pandemic Response Treaty It was launched by WHO and she states that Canada should not instruct Canada on how to make its own medical decisions and pandemic strategies.

Lewis said he wasn’t opposed to Canada working with allies to fight the pandemic, but she says there are many danger signs regarding this particular treaty.

“First of all, it is even stupid to consider signing an international treaty before investigating the consequences of our own response to COVID-19. Learn the lessons of the last two years and better for the future. We need to establish best practices, “she says. statement..

“More concern is that if this treaty is enshrined, WHO will have full control over what is called a pandemic. They will know how our doctors can respond. You can tell if the drug is available, not available, or which vaccine is approved. Ultimately, it will be a pandemic approach worldwide. Canada is a vast and diverse country. A pandemic response to a health crisis does not work, not to mention the entire globe, even across Canada. “

Democratic values

Having run for the second time to become the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Lewis supports democratic values ​​and emphasizes the importance of recognizing a variety of ideas and beliefs.

“In order for our democracy to survive, we must respect diverse beliefs and opinions and recognize that we humans are entitled,” she said. Told to. “We don’t all have to think the same way to get along and work together.”

She said she was worried about Canada’s erosion of liberty under the current Liberal Party administration and that Canada might be heading in the same direction as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“I recently heard that the CCP is closing the health path for individuals protesting. Now we want to remind people that we are one step away from it — we have a vaccine pass. “She said.

“Programming these vax passes, for example, responding to transportation passes, responding to spending, and linking to a bank account, is a program that probably takes an hour to program on a mobile phone. So, in terms of tracking people, we weren’t too far from where the Communist Party China was. “

She also cites the example of the Liberal Party government, which enacted an emergency law in February in response to a convoy protest inspired by truck drivers over COVID-19’s obligations.

“We also saw [Prime Minister Justin] Trudeau confiscated the protester’s property, imprisoned the protester, and frozen his bank account without court order. These are what we hear is happening in the Communist Party of China, “she said.

In addition, she says that many media do not ask the government for clarification, but rather, whenever an individual opposes the government, the “Henchman” of those media “comes out and hurt you and lines you up.” Will try to line up with. ” Ruin your character. “

She says many media have repeatedly asked about their beliefs, targeting people with social conservatives in politics, but not the politicians on the left side of the spectrum. increase.

“It’s a shame that legacy media cares about your personal beliefs only if you’re socially conservative. They don’t badger to the people on the left with that type of question.” She added that she was always outspoken about her belief as a social conservative.

“I have nothing to hide. I am proud of the fact that I am a person who lives her life based on the values ​​of her faith. I am proud of the fact that I am a professional life. I don’t hide it. And I respect others who don’t share my beliefs. “

Important issue

Lewis says that some of the most important issues Canada is currently facing are the economy, inflation, and affordability. But in addition to helping Canadians maintain their financial quality of life, sovereignty and freedom issues are also important, she says.

Lewis also states that it is important to protect parents’ rights so that they can maintain control and involvement in their children’s education.

“Now we see children being taught in school. Schools are no longer learning institutions. Whether it’s from the lower level or the college level, we’re big. We see large-scale indoctrination and suppression of freedom of speech and freedom of thought, “she said.

“So I suggested Parental Bill of Rights This allows parents to be more involved in different levels of their children’s lives with respect to the organizations and programs regulated by. [the] government. “

Rewarding benefits

Lewis said he believes Canada is a country where diligence and integrity are rewarded.

“I live in that proof,” said Lewis, who emigrated to Canada as a child. “Given the fact that I was an outsider running for the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, in the second vote I won the popularity vote in this country. Canadians are merit-based. It shows that our society is rooted in our DNA. “

“That’s why when we see the government trying to violate our sovereignty and freedom, we still believe in the foundation of equality and pay for performance, so we stand out in the cold of minus 20 and our She will protest and fight for her rights. “She added.

“Our freedom is not given to us by our government. It is the people who give that right to the government.”

Omid Ghoreishi contributed to this report.

Isaac Theo


Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.