Tories request more information on general investigations overseeing vaccine campaigns

Ottawa-Federal Conservative Prime Minister Erin O’Toole accuses the Liberal government of failing to provide detailed information to Canadians as to why the general overseeing Canada’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign was forced to resign. ing.

The Defense Ministry issued a brief three-line statement on Friday evening announcing the Major General. Danny Fortin has resigned from his role due to an unspecified “military investigation.”

Since then, some experts have criticized the lack of detail about the nature of the investigation, given recent concerns about the importance of his position and the lack of transparency and accountability from the military.

O’Toole is now repeating these criticisms, calling on the Liberal government to be transparent to Canadians, noting that failure to do so threatens public confidence in the military and vaccine campaigns. Suggests.

O’Toole also announced to the government who would take over from Fortin, who declined to comment, and demanded that he manage the vaccination campaign.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be asked by reporters for the first time since the news of Fortin’s relocation on Friday.

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