Tory lawmakers concerned about liberal plans to ax the charitable status of the Prolife Pregnancy Center


Some conservatives and others have opposed the government’s plan to abolish the Prolife Pregnancy Center charity, saying that other organizations could be affected when the policy is implemented. Has expressed concern.

“They mistakenly claim that these pregnancy centers are actively working to disseminate false information about abortion and endanger the health and safety of young people and vulnerable women. It’s their argument when it’s the exact opposite of the truth of the whole situation, “Conservative Cathay Wagantor told The Epoch Times.

During a recent federal election campaign, liberal “We will not provide charitable status to anti-abortion groups (eg, Crisis Pregnancy Centers) that provide fraudulent counseling to women regarding women’s rights and options available at all stages of pregnancy.”

Wagantor joined Tory lawmakers Leslyn Lewis and Arnold Biersen on November 24th. Rally on Parliamentary HillOrganized by Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), a grassroots professional life organization, to oppose liberal plans.

“There is a misunderstanding about what they are doing,” Lewis said at a rally about his experience visiting a pregnancy center.

“I have witnessed even young men being trained on how to be good fathers. Parents and families are nutritious, nutritious, how to do homework with children, children are active and healthy. I witnessed learning how to live a balanced life that incorporates wellness and wellness. Life site news..

“There’s a lot going on at these pregnancy care centers.”

The Epoch Times sought comments from the Prime Minister’s Office and the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office, but did not respond by the press time.

Center “Very highly appreciated”

CLC Estimate There are 150 pregnancy care centers throughout Canada. Pregnancy care canadaAn organization under the umbrella of 81 such centers says the location has served thousands of people over the last 23 years.

  • 158,883 people accessed the help of the affiliated center.
  • 182,998 customers visited materials such as diapers, manufacturing methods and clothing.
  • 18,036 clients received prenatal education.
  • 31,733 clients have taken a parenting program.
  • 9,810 women requested and received help after the abortion.When
  • Tens of thousands of people have helped me online, by phone and by texting.

“They are clearly out of service to the women they want,” Wagantor said of the liberal plan.

“Therefore, they predetermine what values ​​people need and are clearly highly valued, blocking the opportunities they need … to come for post-abortion support. These women get it from a pregnancy counseling center — they don’t get it from an abortion center. “

The federal government has not yet shown how to fulfill the promises of the campaign.

Fiazen says he is worried that they will proceed with the oath based on the Liberal Party’s past policies.

“You can look at the Canadian Summer Jobs blunder and see how they did it. I’m worried they’ll do the same with this,” he said. He said in an interview.

In 2018, the federal government will sign a certificate declaring to applicants for the Canadian Summer Jobs (CSJ) program that it “respects the human rights of individuals in Canada,” including the term “reproductive rights,” which includes abortion. I requested that. Subsidy.

“You will be told that you need to check this check box to continue the charity status. People consciously oppose checking this check box, so the charity status is It will not be updated, “said Viersen.

“Forced speech”

Both Wagantall and Viersen have expressed concern that the net could be cast much wider than pregnancy centers to include other professional life facilities, including churches and summer camps.

“During the election, I was told by many pastors contacting me, basically,” If they can chase a pregnancy care center, they can chase us, “Fiazen said. Told.

Marty Moore, a lawyer at the Judicial Center for Constitutional Freedom, has filed a proceeding against the federal government over the certification clauses of the CSJ program, but by 2019. Attestation has been removed..

He later won the proceedings Against the federal government on behalf of the Millstream Bible Camp. Bureaucrats have refused CSJ grants to charities operating near Scarborough, Ontario. This is because of its religious beliefs and the need for camp counselors to adhere to Christian beliefs and actions.

“Freedom of speech is considered to be one of the most invasive violations of freedom of expression,” Moore told The Epoch Times.

“You can think of medieval trials where the defendant is forced to resign and say things. The idea of ​​compulsory speech is still seen by many judges as very contrary to the law. You can see that it has been done. “

On October 22, the federal court said Right to life in Toronto..The organization is appealing for a decision, it is Turned out to be “reasonable”Ottawa requests CSJ ​​applicants to express their support for the right to abortion in order to obtain funding.

Moore called this decision an “abnormality” that could “bring a new breath to the concept of attestation,” but he did not support it.

“When criminal or tax law becomes a weapon against a political party’s political opponents, the rule of law and confidence in government agencies are undermined,” he said.

“It is incredibly negative for any society and is the exact opposite of the principles of the Charter.”

Lee Harding


Lee Harding is a Saskatchewan-based journalist and think tank researcher and contributor to The Epoch Times.