Tory lawmakers say the government’s allegations of sedition were “disinformation.”

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A backlash broke out after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on February 23 that the emergency law would be revoked. Two days after the Tories said it was a distrust resolution imposed by the government to support the movement, some argued that the government exaggerated the threat used to justify it. Appeal to emergency measures.

“Announcement of Trudeau [that] He says he has lifted the emergency law. ” Said Conservative Scott Reed (Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston) on Twitter on February 23rd.

“The Freedom Convoy protesters were not charged with more serious charges than the plot to mischief. [government’s] The allegations of the threat of sedition were disinformation. “

Convoy organizers Tamara Rich and Chris Barber have been charged with “counseling for mischief.” Penal Code..

Reed was prosecuted in response to a credible threat that the arrested protesters wanted to overthrow the government, and the government could be violent in places with ongoing protests such as Winnipeg and Quebec City. If you have information about, the act has not been revoked.

“So it must be true that the government knew this all the time, as there is no danger yet, and the incitement allegations made in the Justice Minister’s briefing were just lies,” Reed said. I did.

The Minister of Justice’s explanatory document may refer to the 14-page document entitled “Declaration of Public Order and Doctrine of February 14, 2022 – Explanation under Article 58 (1) of the Emergency Act”.

The document states: “Protests are a rallying point for anti-government and anti-authority, anti-vaccination, conspiracy theories, and white supremacist groups across Canada and other Western nations. Protesters have various ideological complaints. Has and demands range from the end of all public health restrictions to the overthrow of elected governments. “

No charges of sedition have been charged, but RCMP has made numerous arrests and seizures of firearms in Katz, Alberta, during the border blockade. four Some of the arrested individuals were charged with conspiracy to commit the murder.

“The group was said to be willing to use force against the police if attempts were made to thwart the blockade.” Said RCMP.

Public Security Minister Marco Mendicino sought to establish a relationship between the people arrested and charged in Katz and the Ottawa protesters, but when he was challenged with the evidence on which he was based, the group He said he supported a similar rhetoric.

The government has stated that it cannot share confidential information about the opposition movement, and some senators are demanding access to it in order to properly consider the enforcement of the emergency law. Senator Mark Gold, on behalf of the government, said on February 22 that information would not be allowed to be disclosed due to security clearance issues.

in the meantime Discussion Senator Don Plett, the leader of the Senate’s opposition, reiterated Reed’s comment on the threat on the February 23 Senate motion for an emergency law.

“Yes, there was talk of expelling the Prime Minister, but there was no reliable plan for the riot,” Plett said.

“People trying to take over the government came here on their trucks with their company’s name on the door and announced that they had arrived at all social media platforms, and then three weeks in front of Congress. Spend in the tub or roast. Pig. “

Trudeau has declared a public order and morals emergency to deal with protests and border blockages in several places, in accordance with the Emergency Act of February 14.

Tools such as freezing the bank accounts of protesters and supporters were used without court order, as well as tow trucks that refused to remove trucks that previously blocked the streets of downtown Ottawa.

Cross-country protests began after the government imposed vaccination obligations on cross-border truck drivers in the United States in mid-January, calling for the removal of all COVID-19 restrictions.

The government claims the movement has violent intent, but said the organizers are working on nonviolence.

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Noé Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter.

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