Tory leadership candidate Lewis has criticized taxpayer-funded “anti-hate toolkits” as “shocking hatred.”


The federal-funded toolkit, which the government advertises as providing “anti-racism education” in Canadian schools, is “shockingly hated” by the conservative MP and the hopeful Reslin Lewis of the party leader. Is called.

“Our taxes shouldn’t be used to bring an unpleasant awakening agenda to our classroom,” Lewis said on Twitter on July 6th about the toolkit.

“Children should be taught our history, good and evil. Our children should be raised to be ready for any conversation, rather than being taught how to cancel each other. “

The ToolkitCreated by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, “Confronting and Preventing Hatred in Canadian Schools” was launched on June 29 by Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Housing and Diversity.

“This toolkit provides a comprehensive anti-racist education program to help educators, parents and communities better identify, confront and prevent hatred in schools around the world. increase. “Canada,” said a June 29 news release from Canada’s Cultural Heritage.

This toolkit classifies Canada’s old flag, Red Ensign, up to 1965 as a “symbol that encourages hatred.”

“The usage shows a desire to return to Canadian demographics before 1967, when it was mostly white,” says the toolkit. “Its usage in modern times is an indicator of belief that encourages hatred.”

This document presents scenarios in which educators may face “negotiated ideologies” in the classroom, and “students endorse problematic politicians and policies (such as the Trump wall) in classroom discussions. We will propose a response method such as “Insist.”

“Trump wall” refers to the initiative of former President Donald Trump to build a wall along the US-Mexico border to combat illegal immigrants between the two countries.

In another scenario shown in the toolkit, students ask why there is no “straight pride parade” or why there is no parade that uses Hitler salute in the class.

The proposed approach involves communicating unacceptable behavior to students, communicating with school managers, or meeting parents.

“Sneak” Conservative Party

The toolkit also states that white alt-right nationalists “may try to infiltrate mainstream conservative parties to influence change.”

“You paid to children at school to be told that mentioning our historic flag is a racist, their teachers said the children were” problematic politicians. ” They are told that they must confront immediately if they mention, and the founding parties of our country are racists and white supremacists. “Lewis I have written On her website, she calls the literature a “surprisingly disgusting toolkit.”

In a post, Lewis pointed out her good show in the western states at the last Conservative Leadership Race as evidence that Western Canada refused to discriminate, “to make black women a leader. I voted for. “

“Yes, I encountered racists in my life, but believe me. Racists do not belong to any particular political party,” Lewis writes.

“But the left wing needs a boogieman,” she added. “They cannot deal with a society that wrestles with both good and evil history.”

The government has donated $ 268,400 to Canada’s Anti-Hate Network (CAHN) to support the project.

“The increase in hatred-motivated groups and ideologies is a disturbing reality in our country that we are responsible for addressing,” Fussen said in a statement announcing the launch of the toolkit.

“That’s why our government is supporting the efforts of organizations like Canada’s Anti-Hate Network to confront hatred and create real solutions to prevent hatred.”

In a statement, CAHN chair Bernie Farber said the toolkit “prevents children from being cared for and adopted by white supremacists.”

Noe Chartier


NoƩ Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter. Twitter: @NChartierET Gettr: @nchartieret