Tory Question Travel Mask Obligation, Mask Restordo Appears on Steam Locomotive


Conservatives have criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who appeared maskless on a British Columbia steam locomotive on July 18, but his government still maintains a federal mask obligation for travel.

With access to advice from [Health Canada] – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has shown that it is safe not to wear a mask on transportation such as trains and planes, “said Michael Barrett, a health critic at the Tory Party. twitter July 19th.

“We knew it was. I’m glad he still knows it. I legalize my smile. I’m done with my mission.”

In 8 seconds clip Posted on Trudeau’s Twitter account on July 18, he can be seen shaking hands on a stopped train and taking selfies with passengers.

“Everyone was smiling on the steam locomotives in Summerland today!” Trudeau tweeted.

Trudeau was on the Kettle Valley steam railroad, which was towed by a restored 1912 locomotive. Tourist attractions are not subject to the federal mask obligations that apply to passenger trains and planes.

“Everything is on the Trudeau hypocrisy train,” Conservative lawmaker Justin Trudeau Sinhalese Said On Twitter in response to the video clip.

“He can take off his mask and it doesn’t matter if people aren’t vaccinated on this train for photography, but other Canadians can get the same treatment by plane or train. you can’t.”

The visit to Trudeau’s train was not announced and surprised its operators and passengers, according to To Penticton Herald.

Of the prime minister itinerary There were few details that day, and he just said he would visit Kelowna’s children’s camp, a local food processing facility, and a family-owned farm in Summerland.

The federal government responded much more slowly than state jurisdictions in removing COVID-19 restrictions.

British Columbia removed Maskman Date in most settings in March. In Quebec, Canada’s strictest pandemic health care, compulsory public transport masking was removed on June 18, a month after it was removed in most other settings.

On June 20, Ottawa suspended its travel and federal-regulated workplace vaccination obligations, but if it decided to do so, it left the option to revive it open.

So far, with the increase in cases of COVID-19 in Canada caused by the subvariant of Omicron, the state has responded differently than in previous waves.

For example, public health authorities in Ontario and Quebec have mentioned taking a more risk-based approach, such as not unconditionally recommending vaccinations for infants.

Noe Chartier


Noé Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter. Twitter: @NChartierET Gettr: @nchartieret