Tory Rep. Lempelgarner Gives Alberta UCP Leadership Bid “Serious Consideration”


Tory Rep. Michelle Lempel Garner said he is considering bidding on the leadership of the United Conservative Party (UCP) in Alberta.

In a series of tweets on June 15, Lempelgarner said he would move away from his role as campaign co-chair of Patrick Brown’s Federal Conservative Leader Campaign to draw attention to Alberta.

“Alberta is my number one priority. Today I can confirm that I am seriously considering the bids of state leaders. I will pay my full and complete attention to this important decision. Thanks to Alberta, “she says. Said..

“I make decisions based on conversations with the people I represent, Alberta.”

Lempelgarner, a representative of Calgary Nose Hill horseback riding, Said The decision to run for UCP leadership should not be “disregarded by everyone.”

“It’s important to choose a leader who can beat the NDP allies in next year’s local elections, as living expenses are out of control and there is a Liberal government that is hostile to Alberta’s interests,” she says. Said..

“Our state needs hope, a positive vision for the future, and a conservative leader who can inspire and win Alberta.”

In response to Lempel Garner’s announcement, Brown thanked her for her contributions to the campaign so far in a Twitter post.

“I hope she will be in the best condition when her friend Michelle Lempel Garner embarks on a debate about her future. She has served Canada well, and has served in any of the following roles: I will continue. I miss Michelle, but thank you for your contribution to the campaign, “he says. Said June 16th.

There are currently eight candidates to replace Prime Minister Jason Kenny as UCP leaders, and UCP MLA’s Rebecca Schultz and Travistows have resigned from their ministerial positions to participate in the race. MLA Rajan Sawhney has also resigned as Minister of Transport to participate in leadership bids.

Other candidates include UCP MLA Leela Aheel, who lost a cabinet post in 2021 after criticizing Kenny for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and former Wild, who announced her candidacy on May 19. Includes Rose Leader Daniel Smith.

Brian Jean-Luck La Bish, who recently won the by-elections at Fort McMurray, is also participating in the leadership race.

Former Wild Rose candidate Bill Rock took part in the race on June 3rd. Rock is the mayor of Amisk, a village of 206 people, 220 kilometers southeast of Edmonton.

Todd Lowen, a backbench member of the Central Peace-Notley Constituency, announced a leadership bid on June 7. He will sit as an independent MLA after being voted by the UCP Caucus in May 2021 for urging Kenny to resign.

June 14, UCP Rules and procedures For the Leadership Contest to be held on October 6th.

“To enter the contest, applicants must have a comprehensive questionnaire reviewed by the Leadership Election Commission, an admission fee of $ 150,000 to cover the costs of organizing the election, and a $ 25,000 refund. You must submit a possible compliance deposit. ” Said On that website.

“Applicants must also submit a nomination petition containing at least 1,000 signatures of party members and 200 signatures from each region of the party’s five states.”

The deadline After submitting the application, the first installment payment of the participation fee will be on July 20th.

Kenny announced on May 18 that he would resign after receiving 51.4% of support in a leadership review by party members. He stays until his replacement is chosen.

Canadian Press and Noé Charter contributed to this report.

Isaac Theo


Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.