Tory urges Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to withdraw comments on “anti-Asia racism” when asked about Chinese military scientists

Conservatives call After Prime Minister Justin Trudeau withdrew conservative blame for “anti-Asia racism,” Tory MPs told him that there were Chinese military scientists in a tightly guarded Canadian laboratory. After asking a question

Foreign Minister Michael Chong said confusing “legitimate criticism of the Chinese government with anti-Asia racism” has fallen into a propaganda trap set by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“When Trudeau hinted that questions about China’s threat to Canada were fostering anti-Asia racism, he responded correctly to the propaganda,” Chung told the Epoch Times.

The Epoch Times
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau answers questions during a Q & A session in the House of Representatives on April 28, 2021. (The Canadian Press / Adrian Wyld)

During the House of Commons session on May 26, several conservatives collaborated with Chinese military researchers to ask the Prime Minister questions related to scientists at the National Institute of Microbiology (NML) in Winnipeg. I asked.

NML, Canada’s only Level 4 lab, is under surveillance after scientists Xiangguo Qiu and Keding Cheng and several Chinese students were taken out of the lab during a police investigation in 2019. I was killed. The institute has sent deadly samples of Ebola and henipavirus to China, and Qiu has made several official trips to the Wuhan National Biosafety Institute, which is part of the Wuhan Viral Institute. It does not reveal the reason for expelling scientists from the institute because of confidentiality and privacy obligations.

Globe and Mail report One of the Chinese military researchers working with NML researchers has been working for NML for a period of time.

“If operatives who are part of the Chinese Communist Party’s administration are allowed to enter a very sensitive laboratory here in Canada, especially in Winnipeg, there is a problem in this country,” the Conservative Party said. Candice Bargain Deputy Leader Said In the House of Representatives on May 26th. Prime Minister Do you promise to end research cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party Army today? “

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that for confidentiality and privacy reasons, the details of the issue could not be revealed. In a follow-up, he said Tory lawmakers’ question was “anti-Asia racism.” Implied that something has changed.

“The rise in anti-Asia racism we’ve seen in recent months is of concern to everyone. Conservative members are enthusiastic about personal attacks on Canadians of various origins. I encourage you not to be overly intolerant. “

When asked by Conservative lawmakers Pierre Paul Hass and Michael Barrett on this issue, he made similar comments on “anti-Asia racism.”

In response, Chung issued a statement on May 27, along with Conservative Diversity Inclusion Youth Officer Kenny Chiu, asking Trudeau to withdraw his comments.

The Epoch Times
May 19, 2009, National Institute of Microbiology in Winnipeg. (John Woods / The Canadian Press)

“When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confuses criticism of the Chinese government with anti-Asia racism, he participates in the propaganda activities of China’s communist leadership. The Chinese government’s goal is legitimate to the Chinese government. It’s about linking criticism with intolerance to Chinese people, “the statement said.

“This is the rhetoric that Canadians expect from Chinese Communist leadership.”

As an example of how Beijing portrays criticism of the act as racism, the statement called on Canada and its western allies to white supremacists in 2019, releasing Michael Kovrig and Michael Spaver. I am referring to the comments made by China’s Ambassador to Canada. The two Canadians were arrested in China shortly after Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Vancouver in 2018 and are still imprisoned.

Chung told The Epoch Times that he noticed growing awareness that criticisms of China’s communist regime did not affect Chinese or Asians, many of whom were themselves. Escaped from the persecution of.

“The cause of anti-Asian racism is not criticism of China. In fact, many of the critics of China are of Asian descent and have fled China’s oppression and fled to Canada,” he said.

Mr Chung said the Chinese Communist Party could use propaganda to influence dialogue on criticism of the administration, a means often relied on by authoritarian systems.

“Authoritarian government systems, by their very nature, can take advantage of propaganda that democracy cannot,” he said. “Democracy is based on the basic principles of human rights and the rule of law, where we can talk about these issues and raise criticisms, and in the end we will win and I think history proves that. “

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