Tourists evacuate to a hotel in Cancun after reporting the shooting


Evacuated guests return to a hotel near the deadly gang shootout in Quintana Roo

Two drug dealers were killed after visitors to a nearby hotel were ordered to evacuate due to a conflict between criminal groups on the beach in Quintana Roo, Mexico, local media reported. The footage taken by visitor Mike Sington shows a guest returning to the hotel. “Guests are now being returned to rooms in small groups based on the number of buildings,” he wrote in a tweet. “They keep telling us to keep quiet.” According to the Quintana Roo Attorney General’s office, the conflict broke out on the beaches of Petempitch Bay. The area is a popular resort city and was crowded with tourists at the time of the incident. The Quintana Roo Department of Public Security reported that no tourists were seriously injured or kidnapped. Credit: Mike Sington via Storyful