Tourists returning when the border opens: afternoon

Scott Morrison says Australia’s tourism industry is no longer waiting, borders have been opened and tourists are back.

Vaccinated foreign tourists will be able to fly to Australia from Monday for the first time in two years after being locked out due to a coronavirus pandemic.

“When it comes to travel, we will move from cautious to confident to COVID,” the Prime Minister told reporters at Melbourne Airport on Sunday.

He said there are 1.2 million people around the world who can be “visited” to come to Australia.

“In the next 24 hours, about 56 flights will land in Australia, and that number will only increase,” Morrison said.

“My message to tourists around the world is:’Pack your bag and have a great experience you can imagine. And,’There are so many places to spend money, so bring your money. Don’t forget to come. “

Business also welcomes the reopening of the border.

“The reopening will strengthen Australia’s credibility as an open economy and make it easier for companies with international interest to do business,” said Steve, head of the commercial banking division at HSBC. Hughes says.

“In particular, mid-sized companies that have reached the limits of domestic growth are looking forward to renewing their confidence in considering offshore expansion.”

Victoria will open a newly built $ 200 million quarantine hub on Monday for unvaccinated international travelers.

“Omicron variants show that we need to remain flexible in responding to pandemics. A dedicated Victorian quarantine hub is essential for current and future pandemic management,” said the Police Minister. Lisaneville said on Saturday.

Queensland has a 500-bed quarantine center built for its own purposes near Toowoomba, which may accommodate unvaccinated international arrivals.

Meanwhile, the death toll in Australia from the COVID-19 Omicron variant continues to grow.

Twenty-one deaths were reported in New South Wales, alongside 5582 new COVID-19 infections announced on Sunday.

In Victoria, there were 4867 cases and 9 more virus-related deaths, and in Queensland, 4265 cases and 2 more deaths were reported.

ACT reported 560 new cases.



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