Tower Bridge in London remains open due to technical flaws

London — London’s Tower Bridge was stuck with its arms raised on Monday afternoon, causing traffic jams on both sides of the Thames.

An image of a 127-year-old drawbridge, one of several spans connecting the northern and southern parts of the British capital, shows that two halves of the road are facing the sky and vehicles are backed up on both sides. is showing. At 6 pm local time, more than three hours after the problem occurred, the bridge remained stuck.

“Tower Bridge is currently stuck in a high position due to technical issues,” the city of London, which owns the bridge, said in a statement. “We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

The bridge is opened about 800 times a year to allow large ships to pass through. The time has been adjusted at least 24 hours ago.

Britain Tower Bridge
On August 9, 2021, a boat descends the Thames in London in front of Tower Bridge, which is stuck in a fully open position due to a technical flaw. (Tony Hicks / AP photo)

Tower Bridge was repaired in 2006 after the mechanics were stuck four times the previous year. Since then, the frequency of malfunctions has decreased, and the last incident was reported on August 22, 2020, stacking for over an hour.

In May 1997, US President Bill Clinton was separated from Prime Minister Tony Blair when the bridge opened before the convoys crossed. In that case, there were no technical issues. Just bad timing.

Danica Kirka

Associated Press