Tracker Convoy Legal Team says GoFundMe’s $ 10 million foreclosure is unjustified

GoFundMe’s allegations of linking protests to violent and illegal activity are unfounded, said the head of the Legal Group, which represents the organizers of the “Freedom Convoy” demonstration in Ottawa.

“It’s a political spin,” John Carpey, chairman of the Japan Legal Support Center for Constitutional Freedom (JCCF), told The Epoch Times.

GoFundMe statement On February 4, the organizers of the truck driver protest will not be funded at $ 10 million (US $ 8 million) and will instead be donated to a charity validated by GoFundMe.

“Now there is evidence from law enforcement agencies that previously peaceful demonstrations have been occupied and violence and other offenses have been reported to police,” GoFundMe said.

Mr. Carpey said he would like to see what the evidence is, “because it’s easy to claim.”

“Usually law enforcement agencies are not ashamed to make the evidence publicly available, and the evidence must show that the individual is actually a member of the Freedom Convoy. Deliberately the credit of Freedom Convoy. It may be the instigator who is trying to hurt, so what is the evidence that the suspect was even involved in Freedom Convoy? “Carpey said.

“That is, this is just a spin, not reliable.”

Calgary-based Carpay said people in the field reported that the protests were peaceful and that the protesters did not interfere with the daily lives of the Ottawa people.

JCCF currently has multiple lawyers in Ottawa.

The Epoch Times contacted GoFundMe for comment, but didn’t get an immediate reply.

On February 3, the House of Commons Committee unanimously called on GoFundMe to “promote extremism” in front of the MP, with the source of the funds donated to the protest movement.

Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson had previously said he asked staff if the city could cover the costs of cracking down on protests in Ottawa with GoFundMe.

The class action was also initiated by Ottawa residents seeking $ 9.8 million from protesters over continued vehicle noise in downtown the city. CTV..

The truck driver convoy demonstration first began as a protest against the federal government’s request that all truck drivers across the US-Canada border need to be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine. The protest was a big move as many people joined to oppose all COVID-19 obligations and restrictions and raised $ 10 million in GoFundMe to support the protest in just a few weeks.

Protesters will drive to Ottawa from different parts of Canada by January 29, and many say they will stay in the capital until the government lifts COVID-19 obligations.

“Trackers will stay until the charger’s rights and freedoms are restored. They have been missing for 23 months now. There is no rational, scientific or medical basis for continuing these restrictions. No, “Carpay said.

“It took two weeks to flatten the epidemic,” he added, noting that early in the pandemic, authorities argued that a two-week blockade would need to be imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19. did.

Carpey said his team would consider the case and decide on the next step.

Omid Ghoreishi


Omid Ghoreishi is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.