Tracker protests a turning point in frustration with a two-year pandemic failure


It is no exaggeration to say that this pandemic has reached its peak of politicization as truck drivers continue to protest in Ottawa and several other Canadian cities and jurisdictions.

This should have happened.

The support gained by the protests is clearly the product of frustration that has reached a turning point after a two-year pandemic response failure. Obviously, the two main factors are the collapse of confidence in the institution and the surprising lack of self-awareness of our politicians who continue to fuel it.

It also soon became a battle of culture war. Again, victims are a valuable debate about COVID’s obligations and how to work to end them.

On February 7, NDP leader Jagmate Singh Urgent debate in parliament Discuss the problem of the rebellious truck driver and what to do about it. This was urgently needed, but the Prime Minister’s acting reiterated why such a protest took place and why the people involved were so unforgiving.

The Canadians certainly admitted that they were “sick” of the pandemic, and he then accused the protesters of undermining democracy, and they became a band of racist Nazi sympathizers. I repeated the point that they are similar. “This is the story of a country that has survived this pandemic, and the few people who scream and shake swastikas do not define who the Canadians are,” he said.

“It’s time to prioritize national interests over party interests,” Trudeau praised opposition members for ending the blockade. This is true, but such a statement is a hollow one from an elected official who has exposed much of the COVID debate to his own political interests.

Trudeau is one of the most aggressive in the conflict between Canadians, and his comment is that anyone who criticizes COVID restrictions is in line with racists and conspirators. Frequently suggests. Also, it is difficult to take much of what he said about COVID critics seriously. He decided that a public health emergency could be put on hold at a politically convenient time. Support and participation In protest of Black Lives Matter in the summer of 2020. In many US cities, these protests caused a wave of vandalism and violence that occurred before the vaccine was present.

The constant flip-flops during a pandemic by federal and state political leaders and health authorities have strengthened those who are already skeptical of restrictions, or have created skeptics from those who were once completely with them. rice field. The same effect was seen as a result of Trudeau and others claiming that those who were critical of the mission were somehow not Canadian and should probably not be tolerated.

Continuing to escape the line of sight of these politicians, hordes of Canadians at least convoys, despite widespread opposition to the tactics used by some protesters and a few militants of their class. It means that I am sympathetic to the frustration of many people who participate in.

A Poll conducted by Leger According to conclusions released this month, about 44% of those surveyed say they understand the frustration of protesters. Another 44% said the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister agreed to share a significant portion of the responsibilities of the plight we are facing.

This is exacerbated by other polls that suggest a general decline in confidence in the government among Canadians.Recently Trust index done by Proof Strategies It shows that Canadian confidence has declined significantly since the outbreak of the pandemic. Only 34% say they trust politicians, businesses, or media outlets. This is down from the 38 percent reported in the first year of the pandemic.

If Canadian politics resembles something insane as it enters the post-COVID period, people in elite positions develop a sense of self-awareness and how their actions lead to loss of trust. We need to argue that we have contributed. It has led to what we have witnessed in the Freedom Convoy protest.

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Shane Miller is a political writer based in London, Ontario.

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