Traffic resumes on the Suez Canal after a stranded ship resurfaces

Ismailia, Egypt — On the Suez Canal in Egypt, a huge container ship that had blocked a busy waterway for almost a week resurfaced, waiting for more than 400 ships to pass, and the ship was moving again. It was.

Osama Rabbie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority (SCA), told reporters that 113 vessels were expected to cross the canal in both directions by early Tuesday morning after the removal of the 1,300-foot Evergiven.

He said 422 ships were waiting in line.

Evergiven was blocked by strong winds early on March 23, diagonally across the southern part of the canal, the shortest route between Europe and Asia.

“The ship came out intact, but it’s okay. Examining the bottom and soil of the Suez Canal, thankfully it’s healthy and okay, and the ship will pass through it today,” Rabbie said earlier. Told to Nile TV.

At dawn on Monday, SCA rescue workers working with a team from the Dutch company Smit Salvage partially resurfaced the ship and straightened it on the canal. A few hours later, he temporarily returned across the canal before being freely piloted by a tugboat in response to the ebb and flow of the tide, according to canal sources.

After Evergiven resurfaced, Smit Salvage owner Boskalis CEO Peter Belldowski said:

According to the company, about 30,000 cubic meters of sand were dredged to resurface the 224,000-ton container ship, and a total of 11 tugs and two powerful tugs were used to pull the ships apart.

Evergreen Line, which leases Evergiven, said the vessel will be tested for seaworthiness at Great Bitter Lake, which separates the two sections of the canal.

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM), the technical manager of the container ship, said there were no reports of contamination or cargo damage.


According to Nile TV, vessels waiting to cross the canal include dozens of container vessels, bulk carriers, oil tankers, liquefied natural gas (LNG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) vessels.

Officials have previously said that the release of Evergiven could accelerate the convoy through the canal. “We don’t waste a second,” rabies told Egyptian state television. He said it could take up to 3 days to clear the backlog.

Shipping group Maersk said it could take weeks or months before the turmoil of knock-on to global shipping is unraveled.

Delayed shipowners and charterers face at least $ 24 million in unrecoverable costs as insurance contracts do not cover them and cargo owners may also face uninsured losses. Industry sources said.

Egyptian President Abdelfatta Arsisi, who did not publicly comment on the blockade, said Egypt had ended the crisis and guaranteed resumption of trade through the canal.

While Taiwan-listed Evergreen Marine Corps shares rose, oil prices fell 1% after the ship resurfaced.

About 15% of the world’s shipping traffic passes through the Suez Canal, Egypt’s important source of foreign currency income. The outage cost the canal $ 14 to $ 15 million a day.

Shipments of petroleum product tankers almost doubled after the ship was stranded, disrupting the global supply chain due to blockages and threatening costly delays for companies already addressing COVID-19 limits. I am.

Maersk was one of the shippers rerouting cargo around the Cape of Good Hope, adding up to two weeks of travel and additional fuel costs.

Yusri Mohamed, Nadine Awadalla, Aidan Lewis

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