Train from Munich to Prague clashes with Czech commuting service, killing three


Milavče, Czech Republic-An express train from Munich to Prague passed a stop signal and collided with a local commuter train in the Czech Republic on Wednesday, killing three people, including the drivers of both trains, officials said. ..

Eight passengers were seriously injured and several were taken by helicopter to the hospital from a crash site near the village of Milavce in the western Czech Republic, according to local paramedics.

According to the Czech medical services coordinator, 10 slightly injured German passengers were taken to a German hospital by ambulance. A total of about 50 passengers were slightly injured and did not require immediate treatment.

Train accident in Czech
Police officers and firefighters are working at the scene of a train crash near the town of Domazlice in the Czech Republic on August 4, 2021. (David W Cerny / Reuters)

A police spokesman said the three dead were two train drivers and passengers, all Czechs.

“The Ex351 passed a stop signal and collided with a passenger train,” Transport Minister Karel Havlíchek said on Twitter, referring to the express train.

The train collided after 8 am near Miravche, 140 km (85 miles) southwest of the capital Prague.

A spokesman for the Czech Railway (Ceske Drahy), which operates both trains, said the high-speed train collided with a local train from Plzen to Domazlice.

By Jiri Skacel