Train hits a van in Pakistan, killing three and injuring seven students

The location of Sheikhpra in Punjab, Pakistan, November 16, 2021. (Google Maps / Screenshot by The Epoch Times)

Lahore, Pakistan-On Tuesday, a passenger train crashed into a college van carrying a female student during a smog at an unmanned railroad crossing in eastern Pakistan, killing three and injuring seven.

According to district official Rana Shakeel, the accident occurred in the Sheikhupura district of Punjab. He said the dead and injured were taken to a nearby hospital.

Social media footage showed a van that was badly destroyed near the railroad tracks.

Residents who were angry with the accident temporarily blocked the tracks and delayed some trains. Authorities said the train had resumed operation, and officials are investigating to determine who’s fault caused the accident.

Train accidents are common in Pakistan. In Pakistan, successive governments have paid little attention to improving poorly maintained signaling systems and dilapidated tracks. In June, an express train crashed into another derailed train in southern Pakistan, killing about 50 passengers and injuring more than 100.

Associated Press