Transgender bride said she felt ‘euphoric’ wearing custom sheer wedding dress

A bride in a wedding dress and a bride and groom walking in the forest line up.

An insider spoke to Jamie Pandit about her wedding.Iconica

  • Jamie Pandit and Phil Silva got married on 28th August 2021.

  • Transgender pandits wore sheer dresses with 3D appliqués.

  • The dress also included removable sleeves and a removable train.

Jamie Pandit dreamed of the perfect wedding dress for years.

Pandit33, the content creator met and still lives with her current husband, 40-year-old restaurant owner Phil Silva, on Bumble in 2016 in Toronto, Canada.

Pandit She told an insider that she and Silva fell in love with each other instantly and were already in love on their third date.

“At the time, I was living a stealthy life and passing by as a cisgender girl, so I wasn’t really embracing my transgender identity,” she said. Well, we’re in love. Things are happening so fast, and I need to tell him.'”

“I was scared because I didn’t want to lose love,” Pandit said, but her worries quickly faded after coming out to Silva.

“He said he fell in love with me for who I am,” she told the insider. “He said, ‘I’ll see you. And that’s what matters.'”

Silva proposed to Pandit in 2019 and planned the wedding on August 28, 2021.

The groom helps the bride walk through the forest.

Jamie Pandit and Phil Silva have been dating since 2016.Iconica

While they were excited to plan their wedding, Pandit said it wasn’t for her and Silva because of the pandemic and because Pandit came out to friends, Silva’s family, and the public during their engagement. He said it was stressful.

Pandit told an insider that receiving negative comments online and facing rejection from loved ones was “extremely difficult,” especially at such an exciting time in her life. One of the reasons she came out during her engagement was because she wanted to feel like herself at the wedding, she continued.

“I don’t want people coming to our wedding without really knowing who I am and who we are as a couple,” she said. I wanted to celebrate

Pandit’s wedding dress was a big part of the celebration

Finding someone to spend the rest of her life with wasn’t always possible, but Pandit said she had dreamed of the perfect wedding dress for years.

As she shopped, it was difficult to find the perfect gown for her fantasy. Lee Petra Grebenow finished powder bridal.

Sheer dress It was covered in three-dimensional floral appliqué and offset by a textured sweetheart neckline. The corset-style bodice gave way to a fitted skirt.

Pandit’s gown also had two removable elements. thin Train and off-shoulder sleeves.

A bride in a wedding dress stands in the forest.

Jamie Pandit’s dress is custom made.Iconica

Pandit told an insider that every detail of the dress has symbolic meaning to her.

For her, the flower vines that covered the dress symbolized growth. I felt that the beads I wore emphasized all the light she had in her current life.

“I dreamed about these details for years, even though I thought it would never happen to me,” she said.

Pandit became emotional when she was finally able to wear the dress on her wedding day.

“I started crying as soon as I saw myself,” she said. “I think it’s a special time for every bride to wear a wedding dress.”

“I remember the first dress I wore when I started the transition,” Pandit said. “It was red and I still remember how euphoric it was. It felt like more than a dress.”

Bride and groom staring at each other and holding hands in wedding attire in the woods.

This dress was a dream come true for Jamie Pandit.Iconica

Pandit and Silva photographer TH Jackson Huang Iconicacaptured its beauty.

Pandit wears this dress Jimmy Choo ceremonial shoes and Louboutin Not only reception Mark Rush jewelry. she wears a long veil, Tania Asz I styled her hair in loose waves. The Pandit wore pearls and silk flowers in her hair for her wedding reception.

And for her make-up, Pandit Aniella.

Pandit said walking herself down the aisle was important to her

Pandit and Silva tied the knot at Copper Creeka golf club in Kleinburg, Ontario, with a metaphysical pastor Aaron Milik I held a wedding ceremony.

Rias Designs Planned and provided flowers for the wedding, including transgender flag-colored ribbons in the Pandit bouquet. event graffiti I made a seating chart for them.a married couple SDEs as their videographer.

Pandit told an insider that it was important to her. walk down the aislewhen she left home when she was just 16 years old.

“I now have the support and acceptance of my parents, but for most of my life I felt like I had to take care of myself and be my own advocate,” Pandit said. I wanted to walk alone to honor the journey for myself.”

“On that walk, I was thinking about how lucky I am and how privileged I am to be able to do this,” she said, adding, “Little Jamie wants to see this wedding. “It can happen to them,” he added.

Pandit said walking down the aisle alone allowed her to focus entirely on her beloved Silva.

The bride and groom finish the wedding ceremony.

Jamie Pandit and Phil Silva on their wedding day.Iconica

Silva wore a white tuxedo jacket and black pants to the wedding, with transgender flags on his cufflinks.

Silva was emotional when Pandit attended the ceremony because he had not met her before the ceremony. “I felt so beautiful.”

AB limousine She took me to the wedding. fruit cake I made a couple of wedding cakes. DJ Frankie J It was a couple DJ, platinum entertainment Provided audio, visual and lighting services for the event.

There was also a saxophonist Jay Smooth and performances by both Dance Vibration’s samba dancers and Bollywood dancers from shadow entertainment.

Pandit and Silva’s wedding went viral on social media

Pandit shared a video of her wedding day on TikTok. The video went viral In December 2021, 1 Get 10 million views.

The video responded to comments suggesting her step-parents were not present at the wedding, saying, “They were there proudly and with a lot of love.

She said she was a little overwhelmed at times with so much attention to her day, especially when she received negative or hateful comments. By sharing publicly, we hope to help people live more authentically.

“It’s hard to even find love, and it’s hard to find someone who loves you openly and openly without feeling unwilling to hide your identity,” she said of her relationship online. He explained why he thinks it is important to

The bride and groom are holding hands and looking over their shoulders in their wedding attire standing in the woods.

Jamie Pandit and Phil Silva’s wedding made headlines on TikTok several times.Iconica

“Every day, I can confidently say that my husband chooses me,” Pandit said. “We will face the world together.”

But most of all, Pandit says he loves being married to his best friend.

“I feel like I’m with my best friend and partner in crime,” she said. “He’s always the first person I want to share news with. He’s my biggest support.” It’s the system.”

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