Transgender charity trustee removed after speaking at pro-pedophile event


A trustee on the board of British charity Mermaid has resigned after it was revealed that he spoke at a meeting on behalf of an organization founded by a convicted child rapist.

Mermaids, a leading LGBTQ+ charity that promotes transgenderism among transgender children, news that one of its board members spoke at a 2011 conference hosted by an organization promoting services to pedophiles face a new backlash against

It comes just days after confirming that the Charity Commission, the regulator of charities in England and Wales, is investigating concerns about Mermaid’s approach to protecting young people.

Jacob Breslow, Associate Professor of Gender and Sexuality at the London School of Economics, spoke at the US-based B4U-ACT in 2011.

B4U-ACT was co-founded by Michael Melsheimer, a pedophile and convicted sex offender.

The Times of London reported that Breslow has left Mermaids as trustee. His name has been removed from the Board of Trustees. Registered with the Charity Commission.

Mermaids told The Times of London that he was unaware of his historic appearance at the conference until he was contacted by the newspaper.

according to it website, B4U-ACT promotes services and resources for “self-identified individuals (adults and adolescents) who are sexually attracted to children and want such support.”


Breslow’s presentation, “Gender Integrity: Criticizing Sexual Orientation, Pedophilia, and DSM V” (pdf).

His presentation states:

“This understanding replaces the naturalized stigma, fear, and contempt for being attached to someone who is mildly attractive, and could change the terminology by which non-normative sexuality is known.” There is,” he added.

The term “minor” is a phrase used interchangeably with pedophile.

In response to this story, Joanna Cherry, Member of the Scottish National Party of South-West Edinburgh, wrote on twitter: “I thought I was over shocked, but I’m not. I’m actually pretty shocked by these latest revelations. Concerns about protection in Mermaid are well-founded now.” We have ample evidence to prove that.”

On Friday, The Telegraph said the charity is under scrutiny for protection concerns after allegations Mermaid provided a chest restraint device and puberty blocker to a teenager against or behind the wishes of her parents. I reported.


At the time, a charity committee spokesperson told The Epoch Times: We started a regulatory compliance case and wrote a letter to the trustee. We are waiting for their reply now. “

Mermaids is a children’s charity that supports “gender-variant and transgender youth.”

We also provide gender diversity training in many locations including the NHS, schools, social services, child and adolescent mental health services, police and uniform services and other charitable and corporate clients.

The charity receives grants from national lottery and taxpayer funds. Many celebrities and politicians support this organization.

The Epoch Times reached out to Mermaids and Breslow for comment.

Owen Evans


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