Transgender MP explains to court why he left the car accident scene


The court said the transgender MP, who allegedly fled the scene of the car accident in women’s clothing, said he was afraid of being “raped, killed, and kidnapped” by police officers.

Jamie Wallis, a Conservative member of Bridgend in southern Wales since December 2019, said he developed post-traumatic stress disorder after being raped in September 2021.

Wallis told the Magistrates’ Court on Monday that he had left the crash site because he felt “vulnerable” because he thought he would be “attacked again” after being “attacked by PTSD.”

Wallis denies failing to stop at the scene of an accident, failing to report a traffic accident, driving without due diligence and attention, and leaving the vehicle in a dangerous position.

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A dateless photo of Jamie Wallis representing Bridgend from 2019. (StefanRousseau / PA)

Courts heard on November 28, 2021 that a Mercedes E-class sedan, allegedly driven by Wallis, collided with a Slambresian streetlight pole and utility pole near Bridgend.

Prosecutor Carina Hughes said residents Adrian Watson and Natalie Webb heard “a very loud noise, much louder than domestic fireworks” around 1am.

Watson said Mercedes collided with a telephone pole and saw “a white man in a tight-fitting white long-sleeved top, black leather PVC miniskirt, tights, and black high-heeled shoes” in the driver’s seat. Heels and pearl necklace. “

When asked if the driver was injured, Watson replied: Sorting. “

Wallis then left and was allegedly picked up by his father at Land Rover Discovery.

Sgt. Gareth Handy said he was so worried about the MPs that he was forced to move in when he arrived at his family’s “absolutely huge” mansion six hours later.

Handy said Wallis was asleep and found “makeup on her face” and “blond wig” on the table.

MP says he felt transgender “because I was a little kid”

Mr. Wallis submitted evidence on Monday, saying that the day before the crash, “I wore the women’s clothes I often wear when I’m alone, the clothes I feel most comfortable with.”

Defender Peter Lucy QC asked Wallis, “How much did you feel this way?”

“Because I was a little kid,” Wallis, who came out as a transgender in March 2022, replied.

In court, Wallis said he was raped by a man in September 2021, adding: I was crazy about what happened, had nightmares and flashbacks, and kept thinking about it. Believing he is in my apartment, I will wake up in the middle of the night. “

The trial is expected to last for two days.

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