Transgender prisoner convicted of raping a woman at a women’s facility on Rikers Island

A biological male prisoner identified as a woman was convicted Rape a female prisoner While housed in a women’s facility at the Rikers Island Complex in New York.

Ramel Bronto, known as Diamond Bronto, was sentenced to seven years in prison and eight years after his release after pleading guilty to attempting rape in a judicial transaction on April 7. New York post report. Blount must be registered as a sex offender.

While he was a resident of the Rose M. Singer Center, the prison section was violently blunted solely for female detainees and prisoners sentenced to prison. Sexual assault According to investigators, a 33-year-old woman was in the bathroom on February 8, 2021. After taking her shower, Brandt fixed her around her neck and raped her.

Victims reported the incident to prison officials and evidence was collected via rape kits to identify sexual perpetrators. A comparison of the DNA in the New York State Registry showed that Blount seemed suspicious.

In a press statement on April 25, Bronx District Attorney Darsel Clark said, “Sexual violence against anyone is unacceptable.” Rikers Island is under the jurisdiction of Clark because it is located in the Bronx district of New York City. He did not talk about the particular situation of rape, especially the fact that it was done by a biological man in a women’s facility.

The Biden administration and many progressive states have proposed or passed policies that allow transgender prisoners to be transferred to prisons that correspond to their gender preferences. In January 2021, New York Governor Kathy Hokul proposed such a policy in the state. New York City had already implemented this policy in 2018, Reduxx OK.

The Rikers Island incident is not the first of its kind. In Seattle’s prison system, where gender identity transfer rules are in place but not yet codified, Multiple cases of sexual abuse A convicted transgender serious offender Washington Orthodontic Center for WomenPreviously, it was the only female prison in Washington State. Draft presidential directive from President Biden in January Leaked If issued, it ordered the U.S. Justice Secretary to re-enact federal policy, revoked under the Trump administration, and if the biological male criminal claimed to be a woman, he would be held in a women’s prison. Allow.

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