Transport of animal shelter led by former British Marine “Stuck” at Kabul Airport


The former Royal Marines, trying to remove about 68 and 200 animals from Kabul, say they are “deadlocked” to the convoy outside the airport where they arranged the charter plane.

Paul Farsing, also known as the Pen, operates an animal shelter in Kabul. After the fall of Kabul, he refused to leave without staff and his family, and without his cat and dog.

After getting permission from his people, Farsing arranged a charter plane that could take the animals to the hold. He was given a green light on a charter plane after a verbal war with Defense Minister Ben Wallace in the media.

Farthing got stuck outside the airport just hours after US and British authorities warned people not to travel to the airport due to the “imminent” threat of a terrorist attack from a local ISIS spin-off group. It looks like there is.

The British government said it was trying to bring Farsing people and animals into the airport, but was hampered by the need to carry out security checks.

Farthing revealed the plight of his convoy in a Twitter post on August 26, when he sought help from Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen.

“Dear, my team and my animals are stuck in the airport circle,” Farsing wrote. “We are waiting for the plane. Would you please facilitate a safe passage to the airport for our convoy? We are an NGO returning to Afghanistan, but now everyone is safe I want to take it out, “he wrote.

“We’ve been here for 10 hours since we were confident that we could pass safely. I really want to go home now. Prove the IEA [Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan] I’m on another path. “

About an hour later, Iain McGill, who assists Farsing’s shelter from the UK, wrote on Twitter: I can’t pass because the airport is not open from the US / UK side. The Taliban let him through, and the United States and Britain expose him and get stuck. “

Magill, who was very critical of the British government’s treatment of farthing support, added, “Ben Wallace, act now or kill all.”

The flight from the Polish operator is scheduled to land on Friday, August 28th.

Army Minister James Heappey told Good Morning Britain that efforts are being made to bring Penn’s convoy into the airport and that charter planes will be allowed to land.

He said the bottleneck in taking Farsing’s convoy to the airport was not the capacity of the plane, but an important security check.

“It’s causing a queue,” he said. “There is also a very credible threat that advises people not to go to the airport.”

As a British passport holder, Farsing can be processed faster, Heapey said. However, Afghans and their families in shelters need further security checks. He said that if their security checks were speeded up for them, it would mean pushing other Afghans in the same position back into line.

Simon Veazey

Simon Veazey

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