Traton suffers from supply chain shortages and problems are expected next year


Visitors will be standing at the booth of the Volkswagen Truck Unit Trayton Group (formerly Volkswagen Truck & Bus AG) in Hannover, Germany, on September 19, 2018. (FabianBimmer / Reuters)

Berlin-German truck maker Traton SE said Wednesday that September sales were hit particularly hard by a global shortage of chips and other auto parts, which the company expects to continue next year. He said he was.

“Not only is there a shortage of chips in the global supply chain, but there are many other products,” Matthias Grundler, CEO, said in a statement. This situation will continue this year and next. It is possible, “he added, adding that the blockade of Malaysia, a major chip supplier, is a major one. The cause of the trouble.

The warning follows a similar statement last Friday that Daimler Trucks CEO Martin Daum struggled to secure parts to meet orders and had a pile of unfinished vehicle stockpiles.

Automakers have been struggling for months due to a lack of global supply chains, forcing them to shut down production and lower their forecasts of future earnings without clear signs of the end of the crisis.

By Victoria Waldersee