Travelers from Canada to the UK do not need to be quarantined from Monday


Ottawa — Canadians traveling to the United Kingdom do not need to be quarantined on arrival as of Monday, regardless of whether they have been fully vaccinated with COVID-19.

The UK Department for Transport said Canada and other countries are moving to the “green” list of travel as low-risk visitors to the UK’s public health.

According to the ministry, travelers from Canada are required to undergo a COVID-19 test within 3 days before departure for the UK and within an additional 2 days after arrival.

The changes will take effect on Monday.

The United Kingdom has also added Denmark, Finland, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Switzerland and the Azores to the “green” list.

“Data from all countries will continue to be reviewed and the government will not hesitate to take action if the data indicate that the country’s risk assessment has changed,” the ministry said.

The UK High Commission in Ottawa has announced new changes in a Twitter account post.

“(Canada) has been added to the UK Green List,” the Commission said.

“This makes it easier for anyone considering reconnecting with family, friends and businesses in the UK.”

The UK has added Thailand and Montenegro to the “Red” list at the same time, stating that increasing cases in these countries mean higher public health risks.

“Passengers arriving in the UK from these Red List destinations must be quarantined in a controlled quarantine facility for 10 days and comply with the required test requirements,” the agency said.

Many English Canadians were dissatisfied after being caught up in plans to ease quarantine restrictions on entry into England and Scotland last month.

The United Kingdom announced on July 28 that fully vaccinated travelers in the United States or Europe do not need to be quarantined on arrival.

Prior to the change announced on Thursday, travelers from Canada to the UK had a COVID-19 test at least 3 days before their arrival and where they had booked, paid for and stayed in the other two tests after their arrival. Needed to be quarantined in. for 10 days.

British Canadians make up the majority of Canada’s population. A 2016 census reported that 32.5% of Canada’s population had ancestors from the British Isles, with 6.3 million from the United Kingdom, 4.8 million from Scotland, and 4.6 million from Ireland. increase.

By Maan Alhmidi

Canadian press