Travis Kelce Chiefs Most Eligible Bachelor? Meet the Two Women Who Tried to Catch Him

As one of 50 women competing to be Travis Kelce’s girlfriend, Lauren Schwab Donoghue was spelled ‘Missouri’ when the Kansas City Chiefs tight end laid eyes on her for the first time. I was wearing a red T-shirt.

They met after a long and exhausting day filming a reality show in 2016.Catch Kelse

“The craziest roller coaster of my life,” he called the experience.

Kelce stood at the 50-yard line of a football stadium in Los Angeles watching as contestants from every state, one by one, walked toward him one by one from the end zone. One woman performed deep squats and lunges across the field to impress him.

Donahue skipped the stage, his heart pounding. “I felt like I was walking towards her best friend,” she told Star this week.

Donahue remembers Kelce wrapping his arms around her like a 6-foot-5-inch bear. “When we hugged, I felt that connection, that electricity.”

In the end, Kelce didn’t pick Donahue, who finished in the best four. But seven years later, she still considers him a catch.

“He hasn’t lost the fun and charm of his boyhood,” she said. “But he also has this height that is very attractive. And he swags to the max.”

Raise your hand if your partner gives you a hall pass regarding a stout, handsome, aggressive lineman.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever left a comment online about him with the fire flame emoji.

Or messaged him every day for a year. Yeah, one woman did that.

Fawn fans were wondering if he was dating anyone before he hosted “Saturday Night Live” this weekend.

And they were binge-watching “Catching Kelce.” A reality dating show that aired on E! Available on streaming services.

Kelce was asked about Shaw in an interview leading up to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win last month. You can make your own case. (More on this later.)

The women on the show were clearly impressed with the eight-time Pro Bowler. “Sexy to the shadows!” proclaimed one contestant in the promo.

Kelce says he doesn’t regret doing the show. But he vowed never to do more reality TV because of it.

“I don’t think I was drawn as myself” “And there were a lot of things about the show that made me uncomfortable,” he said on the Pivot Football podcast in January.

“I don’t necessarily want to talk about it because I don’t want to say anything about the woman or any of them. But I was asked to do more than I wanted to. … It doesn’t always work.

“Not that I regret it, but it was definitely a learning experience.”

Gasping! Is Reality TV Real?

Raised in Valley Center, Kansas, Lauren Schwab Donahue says she made a real connection with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce when she starred in the 2016 reality show Catching Kelce.

Raised in Valley Center, Kansas, Lauren Schwab Donahue says she made a real connection with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce when she starred in the 2016 reality show Catching Kelce.

Viewers never saw Donahue’s mother meet Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce, and the mother hit it off while shopping on Beverly Hills’ gorgeous Rodeo Drive.

“I think that was the most real part of the show,” said Donahue. “I think they didn’t show a lot of realism or deep dialogue. They had a storyline and I think they wanted to keep it.”

Donahue is still single and a free agent.

“It was very awkward because there really wasn’t much to say about what we were doing on the show,” Kelce told Pivot. “Hey, E!

Were Chiefs fans in Missouri and Kansas too normal?

“You can see they were looking for a fun girl…very energetic and very fun loving. They weren’t looking for a wallflower,” said Chris, who grew up in Overland Park and represented Kansas at the show. Kara Tolbert told Star.

“I don’t consider myself super-high-energy. I think I was very excited…I was just having a good time without taking it too seriously.”

Tolbert’s brother, Tanner Tolbert, encouraged her to appear on the show. He met his wife Jade Roper, the mother of three children, on ABC’s reality show The Bachelor in Paradise.

“I never had the exact same success,” said Tolbert, a Blue Valley West alum who lives and works in New York City as a graphic designer. She also makes jewelry by her side, Under the name KindCultShe turned 34 on Super Bowl Sunday.

She’s been a longtime Chiefs fan, primarily through her father and brother. That is why he is still present in my life.

“And I have a lot of friends who comment on me not catching Kelce whenever the Chiefs do well.”

Kara Tolbert, who grew up in Overland Park and now lives in New York City, was a contestant on

Kara Tolbert, who grew up in Overland Park and now lives in New York City, was a contestant on “Catching Kells.”

“Big Chiefs Fan”

Here is the impression that Kelce left on Donahue and Tolbert:

He’s more handsome in person than on camera. Donahue said he’s kind of like Gerard Butler in the movie 300.

His swagger is confident, not cocky.

he smells good There is no easily recognizable cologne. he just smells good

The contestants didn’t know who The Bachelor would be when they signed up for the show. They were told they would only compete for the affections of professional athletes. A major league baseball player? They found out it was Kelce a few days before filming began.

You can’t blame the women in Missouri and Kansas for thinking they had the upper hand. At least they knew who he was.

“I’m a huge Chiefs fan and you’re my dad’s favorite player,” Donahue told Kelce when they met at the Los Angeles football field.

Kelce’s face lit up and he said, “You are absolutely gorgeous.”

They spoke briefly, and as Donahue walked away, the TV camera zoomed in behind her exit.

“Missouri,” Kelsey said loudly. “Dad is already a fan, isn’t he?”

Tolbert earned an invitation to the mansion where the finalists lived, and was later invited to a bar in downtown Los Angeles with other women. Kelsey’s brother, Jason, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, showed up for wingman duties.

She remembers two things about that night.

Producers encouraged women to do body shots. “That’s not my style,” she said.

And she can’t forget Kelce’s shoes. The red high-tops of her sneakers were “adorned with more rhinestones than she’d ever owned before in her life.”

Tolbert believes the “fun girl” the producers wanted for the show shows where Kelce has been in his dating life. He wasn’t looking for his wife.

“I don’t think Travis Kelce was ready to get caught at the time,” Tolbert said.

In fact he was there for the money.

Kelce said he rejected E! many times over several months before he agreed to do the show. He was a little intrigued when his manager told him that 50 women, one from each state, would participate.

“And finally they brought me a… financial offer… okay, I gotta do this,” he told Pivot.

“I struggled a lot financially in my first few years … I literally went through my first few checks like nothing happened … I was avoiding rent women in the off season There was a time, it was so bad.

“So I heard about this situation where you can make a six-figure number in two weeks, oh, 50 women? I feel like this is actually starting to get a little better.”

Lauren Schwab Donahue

Lauren Schwab Donahue

“You are very normal”

Donahue, 36, lives in Marina Del Rey, California. When she was on the show, she owned two gyms in California. and runs a coffee company named Laleigh. She passed away about a year and a half ago.

Donahue competed as Miss Missouri, but grew up in Valley Center, Kansas, just north of Wichita. Her producers liked her very much, but she had already named Tolbert to represent Kansas.

Producers had seen her work on a reality show called Opposite Worlds in 2014 when she lived in a cave in Louisiana for two months. She lived in Kansas City for a while before moving to California, so they let her represent Missouri.

“We think you’re going to really like this guy,” the producer told her before being told she was Kelce.

She decided not to pretend or pretend, just be herself. Competitiveness. Christian. non-drinker.

She felt connected to Jason Kelce, who is now married with children, when she was on set with her brother. I was. “Jason, Travis, and I connected through humor without taking life too seriously.”

In a private conversation, Kelce asked Donahue, “You’re so normal. What are you doing here?”

she said to him You are normal, what are you doing here?

“Then the producers wanted to separate us,” said Donahue. “Because I think that connection was genuine.

“He said to my mother, ‘I would have spent more time with your daughter.'”

“Lauren is like wifey material,” Kelce told the country singer after the two attended a Jesse James Decker concert.

“And I don’t think he was looking for anything like a wife at the time,” Donoghue said. “For me, the connection was genuine.”

After she left the show, she received a call from a producer apologizing, saying, “I don’t want it to be a Lauren and Travis show.”

In the reality show finale, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce chose Maya Benbury as the winner.

In the reality show finale, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce chose Maya Benbury as the winner.

How to catch Kelse

Kelce has not hesitated to provide details of her personal life on social media.

He and Maya Benberry, the Kentucky woman he chose in “Catching Kells,” Both were active on social media They reportedly split before the show even aired. He told Pivot, “She shares many of the same personality traits that my ex had.”

Five months later he started a relationship with his Instagram model and on-air host Kayla NicoleThey dated on and off for five years before splitting last year.

but he is relatively cautious this season, leaves his admirers and keepers of sports and gossip blogs to guess. is he dating? who would that be?

“I’m in the free market right now,” he told The Pivot podcaster. “I’m just enjoying life, focusing on my profession and stepping outside football.”

“He needs Catching Kels 2,” Tolbert said.

Donahue and Tolbert say that anyone with a Kells design should remember a few things.

“I think you need to mimic his swag, be yourself, and shoot your own shots at the DM,” Tolbert said.

“I think he has a very special and close relationship with his mother, Donna,” Donahue said. “So I approach Donna. I’ll get to know her. Make sure her family comes first and she knows his family.”

Playing sports wouldn’t hurt either, said Donahue. He’s the next two brothers to face off in the Super Bowl. ”