Trevor Noah defends Joe Rogan’s “refreshing” apology

Comedy Central

Comedy Central

Just a few days after him Torn by Joe Rogan for Make explicit racist comments As for what it means to be “black,” Trevor Noah spent nearly 10 minutes defending an influential podcaster in a Monday night episode. Daily show— While claiming that’s not what he’s doing.

Noah began his long, unscripted rant by chasing the audience to everything that was happening with artists such as Logan, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. Removed music from Spotify Don’t support the same streaming service that exclusively broadcasts his misinformation-filled podcasts.

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On Sunday night, Logan posted a long video on his Instagram account. This video contains an apology to those who are “angry” and a vow to “work harder” to balance the opinions of the guests. At the same time, he admitted that he “did not know” what to say to the guests before the episode began, so the idea behind millions of listeners was “not prepared or fleshed out.”

“I actually thought it was pretty classy,” Noah joked, “half expecting” Logan to come out and say his podcast was hacked. “But instead, he owned it. I thought it was pretty dope. It was refreshing.”

The host also praised Logan for saying he’s still a fan of Neil Young’s music, despite pressure on Spotify to drop him, and many of the most controversial things. Suggested Joe Rogan Experience The clip is out of context.

“I’m not trying to defend Joe Rogan,” he said. “And someone will do it to me, they will join and go to’Treber defends Joe Rogan’.” But that said, he often hosts people who oppose it. I wanted to support Rogan’s claim that he was.Including him Viral clip About his anti-vaccine conspiracy theory being modified in real time during his own show.

“But because of the internet age we live in, we shit people based on their visible little things, we don’t give them the perfect context,” Noah said. Continued. “So, in his defense, I understand that part of what he is saying.”

To be fair, Noah later opposed some of the creative ways Logan tried to dismiss critics and directly blamed his “vaccine bullshit” rhetoric. But he also repeatedly pointed out “in Joe Rogan’s defense,” each time joking, “I can’t believe I’m saying that now.”

By the end of the segment, Noah seemed to understand what he had done. “Now we have the headline:” Trevor Noah defends Joe Rogan. “That’s all they’re trying to cut out. Or “Trevor Noah blames Joe Rogan”

“Welcome to the Internet,” he concluded.

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