Trevor Noah hits Kevin McCarthy with a cute reality check if he’s going to be a speaker

Trevor Noah pointed out on thursday Kevin McCarthy Nancy Pelosi (Democrat of California) could replace Nancy Pelosi (Democrat of California) as House Speaker next year after Republicans win a majority in the midterm elections. You have to be careful what he wants.daily show’” warned the comedian. (See video below.)

“Remember half of his caucuses believe in the space lasers of the Jews who used Venezuelan mind control to steal the election,” Noah said of the far-right’s penchant for outlandish conspiracy theories. I was joking. “We wish him luck in controlling them.”

Noah imagined one such scenario and used a picture of a screaming rep. marjorie taylor green (R-Ga.) and fellow extremist Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) are facing a recount in her re-election bid, stating his claims.

“Yeah, he’ll be trying to get more tax cuts from corporations,” Noah said. Swear your penis!