Trooper dies after shooting on Chicago’s highway

Chicago (AP) — Illinois State Police soldiers died Friday after being shot dead on the Dan Ryan highway in Chicago, officials said. On the same day, the state began to step up patrols in response to a surge in shooting involving drivers in the city.

Natalia Delevyany, a spokeswoman for the Cook County Medical Inspector’s Office, said a soldier had been sentenced to death at the University of Chicago Medical Center on Friday at 2:16 pm. She said an autopsy would take place.

Illinois State Police Chief Brendan Kerry has identified the dead police officer as the 36-year-old Chicago District Trooper Gerald Mason.

“He was a soldier in the wonderful district of Chicago,” Kelly said at a short press conference on Friday night.

Kelly said there was no threat to public security or law enforcement.

Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford said the shooting took place in Dan Ryan’s inbound lane at 43rd Street on the South Side of Chicago shortly before 2pm.

A day ago, Illinois State Police announced more. Double patrol In response to the surge in highway shootings over the last two years, from Friday in the Chicago area.

According to agencies, the region had more than 185 shots on the region’s highways this year, with a total of about 130 last year and just over 50 in 2019.