Tropical Cyclone Fred Closes Highways Due to Landslides and Floods


Tropical Cyclone Fred swirled over West Virginia early Wednesday, causing heavy rains in the northeastern United States, closing interstate highways in the lower Appalachian Mountains, and threatening to release landslides and flash floods in northern New York. .. Tornado surveillance continued to be effective in the mountainous areas of Virginia and Carolina.

An unidentified tornado unleashed by stormy weather had already caused damage in locations in Georgia and North Carolina when Fred moved north on Tuesday. A Las Vegas man was reported dead a few hours after the storm landed, when a car boarded a seaplane and flipped into a ditch near Panama City, Florida, according to a Florida Highway Patrol.

According to the utility tracker, about 25,000 customers went out of power at the beginning of Wednesday. Most of them were in West Virginia and North Carolina, where stable downpour swelled the waterways and washed rocks and mud into the highways. According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, multiple landslides have closed Interstate 19 through the Nantahala Valley.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Fred was traveling 20 mph (32 kph) northeast past Charleston, West Virginia, on Wednesday morning with a maximum wind speed of 25 mph (35 kph).

Water rises at Peach Tree Creek
On August 17, 2021, water will rise at Peachtree Creek near Atlanta, Georgia. (Brin Anderson / AP photo)

As many as 14 tornadoes were reported in Georgia and Carolina on Tuesday, according to the Meteorological Department. Transylvania County, North Carolina declared a state of emergency after a 10-inch fall, mud and rocks were sent to the highway, the road was flooded, and at least one home was destroyed.

On the other hand, the blessings of tropical cyclones were strengthened after the torrential rains brought to Haiti, which was damaged by the earthquake. Grace’s sustained winds grow to 65 mph at the beginning of Wednesday as they travel between southeastern Cuba and Jamaica, and can become a hurricane before landing on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico at the end of Wednesday or early Thursday. there was.

Tropical Cyclone Warnings were issued about 40 miles southeast of Grand Cayman, on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, from north of Cancun to Campeche and south of Puntaerero to Puerto Costa Maya. Hurricane warnings have been issued in Yucatan from Cancun to Punta Elero, including Cozumel.

Meanwhile, the tropical cyclone Henri was about 160 miles south-southwest of Bermuda. According to the Hurricane Center, a small tropical cyclone was expected to wind at 65 mph and orbit the island extensively.

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