Truck blockage at US-Canada border enters day 4

On January 31, 2022, a convoy of trucks blocks the highway to the busy US border crossing in Katz, Arta, and anti-mandate protesters gather. (Canadian Press / Jeff McIntosh)

The truck blockade in southern Alberta, on the border with the United States, has entered its fourth day.

A convoy of trucks and other vehicles has blocked the Katz border highway in solidarity with a protest in Ottawa against the obligations and restrictions of COVID-19.

Police say the protest is not legal and has the resources to arrest and tow the vehicle.

Some protesters say they won’t leave.

A national move for truck drivers began after the federal government imposed COVID-19 vaccination requirements on all truck drivers across the US-Canada border. However, the movement has since expanded to demand the lifting of restrictions and obligations on COVID-19 in all states and federal states.

The first truck convoy left the west coast for Ottawa on January 23, and all convoys gathered in Ottawa on January 29.

Then other solidarity movements like Alberta began nationwide.

Canadian Press contributed to this report

Epoch Times Staff