Truck drivers carry out a 24-hour nationwide strike over wage disputes


Logistics giant Thor criticized a national strike by more than 7,000 truck drivers over wage disputes, saying transport unions were not interested in achieving results through negotiations.

Truck drivers will strike 24 hours a day on Friday, which could have a spillover effect on Australia’s food and petrol supply chain.

This action is separate from another planned potential protest involving Australian truck drivers against the COVID limit that should occur on August 31st.

Alan Beacham, president of Toll’s Global Express business, said in a statement: Show what both sides want, negotiate until an agreement is reached, and actually compromise. “

“Unfortunately, only Thor is trying to compromise in these negotiations. The union has shown little compromise. They present a list of demands that hurt the company and reduce work safety. I’m continuing, “he said.

Toll is May statement The Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) said, “You are facing a winter of discontent and then a spring attack,” as evidence that the current strike was planned during the negotiations.

TWU threatened a July strike, saying it would “damage food and fuel supplies across Australia” after claiming that negotiations with Thor had broken down.

The union has accused Thor of proposing an agreement with “reducing wages and terms,” ​​allowing the company to compete with major retailers like Amazon Flex at lower rates. Thor violently denied such a claim.

“Toll workers have been forced to take last resort to strike this week because their jobs have been destroyed. Doing nothing has been a duck for decades. It wouldn’t be like waiting for the work done so well to be handed over to the lowest common denominator, “said Michael Kane, TWU’s national secretary. statement Earlier this week.

“Millionaire retailers like Amazon break the shipping supply chain, deliver parcels at risk to family health, and crush the work of truck drivers to keep their shelves in stock, while recording profits. It’s a shame to break. “

Micheleonil, chairman of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), said truck drivers are fighting the “Uberization” of the industry.

“Wealthy retailers, manufacturers and oil companies will continually reduce the truck workforce, which continues to endanger their lives in order to keep the country functioning during a pandemic, O’Neill said in a statement. While it is, it is collecting billions of dollars. “

According to ACTU, the strike reflects issues across the truck industry of logistics companies such as Bevchain, Linfox, Startrack and FedEx outsourcing drivers.

Approximately 4,000 employees were subject to proceedings under Australian law, instead of the 7,000 designated by TWU, Toll said. The company also claimed that certain employees were under pressure to participate in the action.

Toll aims to expand into the e-commerce and enterprise-to-consumer sector, which has grown significantly in recent years, to compete with casual delivery services such as Amazon Flex. This shift has allowed Thor to hire a new segment of workers with a different wage structure than existing truck drivers.

Daniel Y. Ten