Truck drivers protesting COVID-19 vaccine obligations will begin in March from Vancouver to Ottawa

A large group of truck drivers protesting the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine for truck drivers began their march from Vancouver on Sunday.

Freedom Convoy 2022 is expected to leave northern British Columbia on its way to Canada’s capital, Ottawa, in a demonstration against mandate, with truck drivers from Ontario and eastern Canada also arriving in Ottawa. Local media.

When we got there, drivers from all states Canada Unity And on January 29th, we will form a large-scale demonstration against the mission.

A truck driver told Vancouver Sun that about 500 trucks from British Columbia are expected to attend the rally and once grow from about 5,000 to 10,000 trucks nationwide in Ottawa.

The eastern part of the Ontario Police Department reported a convoy from Pembroke to Ottawa on Saturday, telling the locals, “Be patient and pay attention.”

The march will take place after a federal order to truck drivers came into force on January 15, despite opposition from members of the truck industry.

Under mandate, Canadian drivers returning to Canada must be vaccinated to keep them out of quarantine. The US Department of Homeland Security Starting January 22, we announced similar requirements for non-US citizens traveling to the unvaccinated US, including non-US truck drivers.

Prior to the entry into force, Canadian truck drivers were considered an essential service, meaning they were exempt from such border restrictions.

The convoy raised more than $ 3 million in the week before the demonstration. GoFundMe Campaign.. According to the organizers, the money collected will be used to provide fuel, food and accommodation to the marchers.

“Our current government enforces rules and obligations that are destroying the foundations of our business, industry, and livelihoods. Canadians are in many ways the structure of mankind that shaped the planet. It was essential, “reads the GoFundMe page.

“We are fighting for the front door of the federal government and demanding that they stop all obligations to their people. Small businesses will be destroyed, homes will be destroyed, people will be abused and people will survive. Basic necessities have been rejected. It is our duty as Canadians to put an end to this mission, “the page continues.

Vaccine mandates could result in 10-15% of truck drivers off the road, or about 12,000-16,000. The CanadianTruckingAlliance (CTA) does not support the demonstration and estimates that it strongly opposes it.

“The Government of Canada and the United States now require vaccination to cross borders. This regulation has not changed and the industry must comply with and comply with this requirement,” said Stephen CTA. President Ruskowski said in a statement on Saturday. “The only way to cross the border on commercial trucks and other vehicles is to vaccinate.”

The CTA added that the majority of truck drivers are vaccinated.

A similar demonstration took place on January 17 in Emerson, Manitoba, near the US-Canada border, where truck driver Convoy protested the new COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

Catabella Roberts


Katabella Roberts is a reporter currently based in Turkey. She focuses primarily on the United States and covers the news and business of The Epoch Times.