Truck drives to crowd celebrating Chauvin’s verdict

& Lt; p & gt; Video showing a truck driving to a crowd celebrating Derectuabin's verdict on Tuesday in Minneapolis & lt; / p & gt; (Samantha Hendrickson / Twitter)

Video showing a truck driving to a crowd celebrating the guilty of Derectuabin’s verdict on Tuesday in Minneapolis

(Samantha Hendrickson / Twitter)

The truck seemed to be driving in the crowd Minneapolis Celebrate the conviction of Derek Chauvin For the murder of George Floyd..

A video of the delivery truck showed that it was driving towards the crowd and trying to turn the corner before stopping on Tuesday.

The truck was immediately surrounded by demonstrators who climbed the vehicle. Others hit the driver’s cab window and shot a video confronting the truck driver.

A demonstrator was forced to jump off the hood of the truck, causing further anger among bystanders.

Then, honking the horn, the driver continued to move forward in the truck, with a crowd of more than a dozen standing up and escaping from it, shouting “Oh my god.”

“He’s still driving,” another commented. It was when the truck ran down 3rd Avenue.

Grace MorganWitnesses wrote on Twitter that the truck “tried to drive aggressively through the crowd.”

another, Samantha Hendrickson“The truck was pushed into the crowd on the 7th St because people were celebrating,” he added.

The truck seemed to belong to the delivery company, 10 Roads Express. Newsweek The driver was then discussed about the incident in Minneapolis.

Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer for the May 2020 killing of Mr. Floyd, triggered a celebration in the city and across the United States on Tuesday.

Chauvin was convicted after a year of campaigns and demonstrations before he knelt on Floyd’s neck and was unable to breathe. A Minneapolis court jury took 11 hours to deliberate on their verdict.

The Truck Incident is the latest in a series of conflicts between anti-racist demonstrators and drivers with Los Angeles officials. investigating A car that is said to have hit Asian Americans.

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