Truckers say Biden’s $ 2 trillion infrastructure plan overlooks parking

  • For years, truck drivers have expressed concern about the lack of parking space for long-distance drivers.
  • President Biden has announced a “tracking action plan,” which has never mentioned parking, Bloomberg report.
  • Lack of parking has delayed delivery and exacerbated the supply chain’s backlog, a truck driver told officials.

Parking has long been a headache for long-distance truck drivers, as more trucks collide with the road each year to catch up with online orders.

President Biden’s “Truck Driver Plan” (announced last month as part of the government’s $ 2 trillion infrastructure bill) addresses hot-button transportation issues such as supply chain backlogs and truck driver shortages. I’m trying to do that, but I’ve never mentioned parking, Bloomberg reported Saturday.

According to Illinois truck driver Mary Reach, supply chain problems cannot be resolved “until drivers have access to 11 hours of driving time, rather than fighting for the next parking lot.” .. Said Federal highway authorities in December.

Earlier this year, a highway bill introduced in the US House of Representatives included a truck parking grant of nearly $ 1 billion, which was later removed, the US Transportation Institute said. Report of serious problems every year.

Parking was listed as one of the top five issues in the industry in this year’s report. “This is the 10th year that the lack of available truck parking has been on the top 10 list of industry concerns and is consistently ranked in the top 3 among commercial drivers.” Said the report.

According to Bloomberg, some drivers spend hours looking for parking and are sometimes forced to park in illegal or dangerous places. The shortage is the worst in the northeast.

Considering the additional time it takes to park, truck drivers drive shorter distances than other methods. This means that truck drivers pay an average of $ 4,600 a year for parking, as truck drivers are paid in miles rather than hours.

“Most truck stops fill up between 4 pm and 6 pm, so finding a parking lot is very painful.” Written by Reddit users In a thread on the track discussing the issue. “Basically, there are far more trucks on the road than they were 20 years ago, and the truck parking lot hasn’t changed to accommodate the new rig.”

One way the industry avoids the burden of parking is by “team driving,” in which two people take turns driving one truck. While one holds the handle, the other sleeps.

This eliminates the need for team drivers such as Carla and Robert Holmes to look for a night parking lot. Still, the pair told insiders, “It’s always good to have more parking.”