Trudeau blames conservative protests and increased turmoil

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday that he was to blame the Conservatives for encouraging the movement amid growing cross-country protests against COVID-19 restrictions.

Conservative Prime Minister Candice Bergen said during the February 10 question period that critical infrastructure was limited due to Trudeau’s failure to properly address the issue, to find a solution. I asked if I would meet the opposition leader.

“The Conservative Party of Canada has spent the past two weeks supporting and enabling these blockades across the country. Conservative leaders and her team were their biggest champions,” Trudeau said. I answered.

“The consequences of these actions are disastrous … I hope opposition leaders maintain her current position and continue to seek the end of these blockades.”

Earlier that day, Bergen, who supported the movement, turned her tone to the protesters and told them to go home.

“I believe it’s time for you to drop the barricades, stop destructive behavior, and get together. The economy you want to reopen is hurt,” she said, essentially her party. Told them that they would continue to fight to end the obligations and restrictions of COVID-19.

“You brought a message to the protesters here in Ottawa. The message was heard. The conservatives are listening to you and we all want to return to normal life with you. We’ll stand up for the Canadians. We won’t stop until the mission is over, “she said.

Mr Bergen said this when he filed a motion requesting the government to submit a plan to lift all federal obligations and restrictions by the end of the month. [Chief Public Health Officer] Dr. Teresa Tam states that all existing public health measures need to be “reassessed” and “returned to normal.” “

The motion was discussed and not voted, and Block MP said his party would support it.

Bergen also asked Trudeau if he would support the movement during the question period, and Trudeau said, “The way to overcome this pandemic is to listen to science, follow public health advice, and actually be vaccinated. Is. “

Bergen replied by asking if Trudeau meant that the restrictions would not be lifted until 100 percent of Canadians were vaccinated.

“Do you know what helps to lift the restrictions and what helps to overcome the blockade? Vaccinations,” Trudeau replied.

Meanwhile, what began as a protest with the truck convoy in Ottawa, calling for the end of vaccination mandates and other restrictive measures, continues to spread throughout Canada. After the Katz Border Crossing in Alberta and the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor were closed, the Emerson Border Crossing in Manitoba was closed in solidarity by vehicles and farm equipment on Thursday. Protesters also blocked the highway lanes of Sarnia’s Highway 402 in February. 9 When Ten..

Noe Chartier


NoƩ Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter.

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