Trudeau concludes the Liberal Party convention with an election campaign-style speech

Ottawa-Justin Trudeau closed the three-day Liberal Party convention on Saturday with a party speech similar to the start of the campaign.

The prime minister argued that he was not interested in getting the country into elections in the midst of the deadly third wave of COVID-19, but his speech called the Governing Liberal Party “a real solution to reality.” The purpose was to position it as the only party with. The problems facing Canadians. “

In contrast, Trudeau described the Conservative Party as a disinformation denial and a disinformation merchant with a two-sided leader.

He portrayed Bloc Québécois as a manufacturer of all-discussed, inactive parties, jurisdiction disputes who could not take the concrete steps required by the Quebécois.

He didn’t mention either the New Democrats or the Greens directly, but contacted friends and neighbors who planted “blue, orange, or green” lawn signs during the 2019 campaign to plan for the Liberal Party. I urged the Liberal Party to disseminate information about. Survive the pandemic and revive the shattered economy.

Trudeau’s summary speech was more than a week before his minority Liberal government introduced the budget for the first time in two years. This document is laid out with a drop of red ink caused by a pandemic of over $ 380 billion. More than $ 100 billion in new spending, as the Liberal Party says, will stimulate more equitable, inclusive and environmentally sustainable economic growth.

If all three major opposition parties vote against the budget, the government will collapse. However, NDP leader Jugmate Singh promised that his party would not trigger an election during the pandemic.

Trudeau may decide to unplug himself, liberal insiders say the vaccine is on track and the pandemic, which is now re-spread like a wildfire, is back under control. If so, it suggests that it can happen during the summer.

Trudeau’s speech at a virtual conference on Saturday reminded the Liberal Party of all the measures the government has rushed to help millions of Canadians float during a health crisis: Canada. Emergency response benefits, wage subsidies, rent relief, business loans, etc.

“My friends, after all, this is which party has a realistic plan for real-world real-life issues,” he faces a huge screen dotted with faces. Then he stood alone in the studio with a red liberal background and said. Of party supporters watching online.

“Some people refuse to accept reality while offering falsehood and division.”

He attacked Erin O’Toole’s conservatives and advocated cutting CERB payments during a pandemic, “calling young people lazy when summer jobs run out” and “flirting with disinformation about public health.” I asked repeatedly. Refuse to admit that “vaccines” and climate change are real?

“The problem with Erin O’Toole is that he isn’t interested in the actual solution to the actual problem,” Trudeau accused.

He accuses Conservative leaders of “willing to say different things to different people at different times”, wants a safer community, and beats the gun lobby and his party’s anti-abortion faction. Tory leadership who personally claimed to be in favor while walking around for.

Regarding Brock, the main enemy of the liberals in Quebec, Trudeau said, “I pretend to be the only party I can speak for the Quebecs,” while the liberals “elderly, Delivering products for Quebec people with the help of businesses and families directly, “said the workers. “

“When it’s time to deliver for the Quebecs, it needs the Quebecs of the government,” he said.

He emphasized how his government has worked with Quebec authorities to fight the pandemic.

“We prefer to choose actions over divisions. We are always there for Quebec and all Canadians,” he said. “And instead of looking for controversy, we continue to have a unified message.”

Joan Briden

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