Trudeau criticized by Tories, block to appeal to emergency law

Opposition parliamentarians have criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for urgent law to deal with ongoing protests in Ottawa without first attempting a dialogue with protesters.

The MP commented that during the question period on February 15, the unprecedented move to use the law in response to the truck convoy was premature.

“Does the Prime Minister really believe that enacting this law should be the first real step the government takes to respond to the siege in Ottawa?” Michaud said.

“He did not send some of the 1,800 law enforcement officers requested by the city of Ottawa. He did not establish a crisis task force consisting of governments of all levels and police of all levels. He did not consult with his Quebec and local partners before informing them of his decision to enforce the emergency law. “

Trudeau said while enacting the law on February 14, “it should not be taken lightly.” It’s not what you point to first, not the second or the third. “

Conservative Rep. Michel Ferreri seized the statement during the question and asked the Prime Minister, “What were the first, second, and third actions taken before the emergency law was enforced?”

“For 17 days, the Prime Minister kept his finger on what was happening here in Ottawa,” said Conservative Rep. Gerard Demeter.

“At some point, he insulted those who didn’t listen to him or shared his views. As a result. [on Feb. 14], The Prime Minister has enacted a law that has not been used for 50 years. “

From the beginning, Trudeau replied, “From the beginning, we have taken responsibility with local governments and governments at various levels to deal with these illegal blockades.”

Minister of Public Security Marco Mendicino also emphasized the contribution of RCMP.

“There are three installments of police reinforcements to support the police here in Ottawa. In addition, RCMP members have done a lot of good work not only here in Ottawa, but also in Windsor, where the Ambassador Bridge has been reopened. “He said.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, who supports the use of the law, said the standoffs in Ottawa “did not take the crisis seriously at all levels of the government” and took more serious steps from the start of the protest. He said it suggests that it should have been. He said authorities were hesitant to act against protesters for their race.

“Now, indigenous peoples and racist people are looking at the double standard of how convoys are treated compared to these protesters,” Shin said.

Ottawa’s Epoch Times reporter observes protesters of all ethnic backgrounds and beliefs expressing their support for truck drivers, as well as videos of hundreds of supporters posted online. Did.

Blackrock Reporter I have written On February 15, protesters were exercising “significant democratic rights,” and the briefing note obtained regarding the 2020 port and railroad closure by activists opposed to pipelines across indigenous territories was the Cabinet. Was tolerated by.

Conservative lawmakers oppose these blockades, which are used by the government to criticize the Tories for their support for Freedom Convoy, which seeks to lift all obligations and restrictions on COVID-19. it was done.

“It was a former leader of the Conservative Party [Andrew Sheer] … Those who once said that it was completely unacceptable for opponents to block critical infrastructure. What is the Conservative Party doing today? Taking pictures, tweeting, and encouraging protesters is irresponsible given the multi-billion dollar cost of protests. It’s completely irresponsible, “said government house leader Mark Holland.

The Netherlands responded to the Conservatives’ allegations that Trudeau was using emergency legislation to specifically target those already derogatory.

“The blockade should go down. They have already fallen across the country, but the Prime Minister has now issued an emergency law to punish Canadians who have an” unacceptable view “in his words. Why does the Prime Minister punish Canadians for their political views? “The Conservative Party Dane Lloyd said.

Noe Chartier


Noé Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter.

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