Trudeau needs to “depoliticize” its response to COVID and quickly reopen Canada: Bergen

Conservative interim leader Candice Bergen said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs to “depoliticize” COVID-19’s response to the pandemic and quickly reopen Canada.

Speech at the House of Commons February 7Bergen criticized Trudeau for not following science in removing the COVID-19 restrictions that have affected Canadians’ daily lives for the past two years.

“Canadians are suffering. They obeyed the rules. They did what they were asked to do. Slowly pulled out reopening just because the Prime Minister was hiding and denying. You can’t have a process of “.”

Quoted from Dr. Kieran Moore, Chief Medical Officer of Ontario February 3 Society must learn to live with COVID, Bergen argued that the pandemic restrictions should end soon.

“Does the Prime Minister follow science, follow expert advice, and ensure that Canadians quickly remove all federal vaccine obligations?

In response, Congressional Mark Holland’s government leader said the federal government would consider lifting restrictions only if there was scientific evidence to prove that it was safe to do so.

“We need to follow science. We need to use evidence, not politics, to consider the best way to get out of this pandemic,” he said. “We are not in a place where we can afford to play public health games.”

and statement Bergen told Trudeau on February 7 that it was time to “depoliticize” the response to the pandemic. It will be “re-examined” by Dr. Teresatam, the country’s director of public health, on February 4th for all COVID restrictions, including vaccine passports.

“Canadians were encouraged to hear Dr. Tam say he needed to find a more’sustainable’way to deal with the pandemic. She further recommended that all existing public health policies be “reviewed” in states and territories so that they could be “returned to normal,” she wrote.

Bergen emphasized Trudeau that federal leaders are responsible for attracting Canadians.

“I sincerely hope that we can come back together to discuss the solution and take leadership in our mission by following science rather than politics,” she said.

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Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.

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