Trudeau, Polyvre Spar on Canada’s Housing Affordability Crisis


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Party leader Pierre Polivre debated the ongoing housing affordability crisis across Canada during a question period on March 22, with Trudeau as the official opposition leader. asked to find a way to lower rising mortgage costs.

Mr. Poirivre said Mr. Trudeau promised to lower housing costs when he took office eight years ago, but has so far failed to deliver.

“It cost me $1,400 to pay the average mortgage. [in 2015]said Polivre. “How much is today?”

Poilievre later pointed out that the average price of a Canadian mortgage has since risen to over $3,100.

“Either he doesn’t know or he’s too afraid to admit it,” Polivre said, adding, “That’s an increase of over 100%.”

Trudeau is Housing Accelerator Fund His government announced last week. This is his $4 billion initiative that aims to provide local governments across the country with funding to “accelerate the construction of 100,000 new homes.”

“We know there is still work to be done,” Trudeau added.

Poirivre later asked Trudeau why the prime minister “continues to give billions of dollars to local government gatekeepers to block housing construction in Canada.”

Trudeau said the question “got directly to the heart of the housing disagreement” between him and Polivre.

“We need to work with local governments to help change zoning laws and speed up the permitting process,” Trudeau said.

According to a February Statistics Canada report, average house price It cooled slightly across Canada in early 2023, but added that higher borrowing prices were impacting housing demand.

“Higher mortgage rates continued to put downward pressure on new home prices,” the federal agency housing price index” Published on January 22, 2023.

Statistics Canada, in its February consumer price index, said Canadians paid more interest on their mortgages in February than they did in January. January 25th.

Rahul Vaidyanath contributed to this report.