Trudeau rejects Russia referendum, promises sanctions again

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau It denounced joining Russia in the votes in Ukraine’s occupied territories, but did not give a timeline for the sanctions Canada promised a week ago.

Trudeau The referendum is an attempt to redraw the map after Russia lost territory in the war it started in February.

Moscow claims that people in the four regions it occupies will join Russia with more than 87% of the vote, but Western governments say the process was rigged.

Trudeau Russia seeks to justify the war by claiming territory so that Ukraine can be portrayed as an aggressor.

of prime number Minister He also called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday to pledge his support for the country.

yet Trudeau There was no timeline for when Canada would sanction more Russians.

“We will have stronger sanctions. They will be announced soon.” Trudeau He said Canada was one of the countries that imposed the most sanctions on Russia.

diplomatic issue Minister Melanie Jolie announced that additional sanctions would be in place last Thursday.

Ottawa has likewise given no details after announcing Monday it would impose sanctions on Iranian officials over a human rights crackdown following the death of Martha Amini, who was arrested by Iran’s moral police.

Trudeau He promised Zelensky that Canada would do what it could to ensure that the “fake referendum” was not endorsed by other countries.

“We also intend to continue working with the world to recognize that what Putin is trying to do is completely illegal.” Trudeau told reporters on Thursday afternoon.

He was in Ile de la Madeleine, Quebec last weekend to see the damage caused by Tropical Storm Fiona.

early thursday, defense Minister Anita Anand said Russia’s vote violated the international rules-based order that has been in place since the end of World War II.

“Canada condemns these actions and I personally disgust them because they deserve condemnation,” she said.

“Ukrainian territory will always remain Ukrainian territory”

Dylan Robertson

canadian press