Trudeau says heavy artillery will come to Ukraine, but remains mom for more details

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, at least not yet, intends to provide further details on the government’s commitment to send new military aid to Ukraine.

The prime minister said Wednesday that he did not want to outline the details of what was sent and where the government was sent because of safety concerns.

Trudeau said he would like to note that he has announced the delivery of military equipment in the context of Russia’s provocative invasion of Ukraine.

He said he would like to share more about what will be sent to Ukraine in the next few days.

“People understand that the delivery of military equipment in the context of illegal war by Russia is something we have to be a little careful about. Kitchner, Ontario.

“But I hope we can share more about what was sent and what was sent in the next few days.”

Trudeau first announced on Tuesday that Canada would send heavy artillery to Ukraine at the request of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Earlier this month, Zelensky released a list of equipment that Ukrainian troops needed to fight Russia, such as 155mm heavy artillery and ammunition.

The free government was previously immersed in Canadian troops to fight the Russian invasion that began in late February and provide deadly assistance to the Ukrainian troops that have killed thousands of people so far.

However, Defense Minister Anita Anand said the government plans to buy equipment from vendors, with military reserves available and $ 500 million in military aid to Ukraine with the latest budget. Suggested.

Trudeau said it would ensure that the Canadian Army could fully contribute to NATO’s operations in Europe, while the government promised more equipment for Ukraine.

“We support Ukraine, including military equipment and munitions, ensuring that Canada will not only protect Canada, but will continue to have the ability to fully participate in NATO operations. “He said.

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