Trudeau says Ottawa is refraining from transferring health care to NB via abortion access


Moncton, New Brunswick — New Brunswick has failed to meet its obligations under the Canada Health Act as women continue to have difficulty accessing abortions, Justin Trudeau said Tuesday.

As a result, the federal government is refraining from transferring medical care to the state, Trudeau told reporters in Moncton, New Brunswick.

“It is very important for us to have access to reliable reproductive services for all women in this country. That is why we have continued … to the New Brunswick Government under the Canada Health Act. I was very impressed with how we needed to keep our obligations. We will act, “said Tordo.

The prime minister initially said Ottawa was holding back millions of dollars in medical transfers to Newbranswick, but a spokesman for the prime minister’s residence said after a press conference that the correct number was $ 140,216.

A representative of the office of Prime Minister New Brunswick Blaine Higgs could not get immediate comment.

The new Brunswick Act bans government funding for abortions outside the three approved hospitals. The state government subsidizes abortion at two hospitals in Moncton and one in Bassert, but does not cover the cost of the procedure at Fredericton’s Clinic 554.

Trudeau said his government will strive to make abortion accessible to everyone in the country, including Clinic 554.

In June, a New Brunswick judge approved a state civil liberty group to file a legal challenge to the state’s abortion law. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association states that the law restricts access to abortion, especially for poor and left-behind people.

The New Brunswick state government opposed the association’s candidacy, claiming that the association had no special relationship with the state.

However, Tracey DeWare, Supreme Court Judge of the Queen’s Bench Court, said the stance was “irrational,” she wrote in her decision: Not surprisingly, it ’s amazing. ”