Trudeau says Wilson-Raybold did not want to lie when the SNC-Lavalin incident reappeared

Ottawa-liberal leader Justin Trudeau denied that Jody Wilson Raybold did not want to lie as the SNC-Lavalin case.

An excerpt from the all-encompassing book “Indian in the Cabinet” published in The Globe and Mail reveals NDP’s cost of the platform over the next five years, with police in London, Ontario. I came when I charged a man. In the gravel throwing case against Trudeau.

In an excerpt, Wilson-Raybold recalls two important meetings with Trudeau in February 2019. This was a few days after Globe reported that Canada’s first indigenous Justice Minister faced inappropriate pressure from top liberals in the proceedings.

The case was a criminal charge of Quebec engineering giant SNC-Lavalin, who was facing a contract-related bribery charge in Libya. Wilson Raybold later testified that the senior leader wanted her to be the Attorney General and suspend prosecution for political reasons.

The full memoir will be released on Tuesday.

Wilson-Raybould says the meeting was held in Vancouver a few days after Globe’s story broke. The prime minister was facing pressure after stating that the paper report was false. Wilson-Raybould states that he promotes transparency and some degree of accountability with Canadians.

“He used the line I’ve experienced things in another way, which will be published later,” she writes.

“I knew what he really wanted. What he was saying. At that moment I wanted him to lie to me — nothing happened. To prove that … Lie to protect the badly behaving royal government. Political parties; leaders who didn’t take responsibility. “

Wilson Raybold resigned from the cabinet the next day, with then-Health Minister Jane Philpott out of the door before the two were expelled from the Liberal Caucus. The incident later resigned Trudeau’s Principal Secretary Gerald Butts and Privy Council Secretary Michael Welnick.

The problem was that following the publication of the excerpt, Trudeau refused to lie to the former Minister of Justice, opponents praised Wilson Raybold, and the liberal leader held her account as further evidence of unreliability. It exploded on the campaign trail on Saturday.

“I didn’t want to lie to her,” Trudeau said at a campaign event in Mississauga, Ontario. So he began to speak publicly in honor of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack. “I will never do it. I will never ask her. It’s just not true.”

Liberal Party leaders point out that the entire case was the subject of countless Parliamentary Commission hearings, newspaper articles, and other commentary until and during the final federal elections in October 2019. So I tried to turn the page on this issue instead.

Trudeau previously said in August 2019 that the Ethics Commissioner violated the Conflict of Interest Act by improperly using his position to put pressure on Wilson Raybold for the private interests of SNC-Lavalin. I refused to apologize for handling the case, including after it was discovered.

“It’s a shame that two people who share a very similar vision of building a better future have dropped out and are on different paths. Obviously, I’m how it ended. I really regret it, “Trudeau said on Saturday.

“But I don’t regret what I chose to stand up and move forward for the Canadians, because it guides me at every stage of the road. That’s me as Prime Minister. Is the responsibility of. “

Still, even when Trudeau tried to plug into the matter, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole grabbed an excerpt to attack the credibility of his main rival.

“Mr. Trudeau will say and do anything to win, and he doesn’t really intend to prioritize the needs of Canadians and the country,” Outur said during a suspension of the campaign in Whitby, Ontario. / 11.

“Canadians no longer believe in Justin Trudeau. How he treated Jody Wilson Raybold, what interests the venture lobbying about the judicial process before doing the right thing. I saw how it was placed. “

Outur and NDP leader Jagmatesin also said in the SNC-Lavalin case as a way to remind Canadians of what they claim to be Trudeau’s hypocrisy regarding the treatment of strong women in the cabinet and government. I tried to take advantage of the reappearance.

“This is another example of this pattern of behavior from Trudeau’s perspective, kicking out a strong woman in the cabinet, whether former Minister of Justice or Philpot,” Singh said in Vancouver. I mentioned in. “We’ve seen this as a trend, but it’s annoying.”

Meanwhile, Shin wondered why the party released only costly platforms nine days before the election date, and after some voters across the country had already voted in advance.

The Conservative Party announced a cost plan last Saturday, and the Liberal Party took the lead on September 1.

“We made it clear that we were going to get millionaires to pay a fair distribution, and we were really clear about investing in the programs people need,” he said. rice field. “This document is what we’ve been saying for a long time and contains details.”

The NDP plan will invest $ 214 billion in new programs over the next five years, compared to $ 78 billion in planned new spending by the Liberal Party and $ 58 billion from the Tories. Many are directed to universal pharmacocare, indigenous communities, and the fight against climate change.

The party has stated that it will pay these promises through tax measures for the wealthy and businesses, and plans to raise a total of $ 166 billion between 2025 and 26. The NDP states that revenue forecasts and some spending items were incurred by parliamentary budget officials.

The report’s PBO acknowledges uncertainty regarding revenue figures.

London police have announced that while leaders continue to stagnate across the country, 25-year-old Shane Marshall in St. Thomas, Ontario has been charged with weapons assault after someone throws gravel at Trudeau. bottom. Local campaign is suspended.

Earlier this week, the National Party of Canada said it had removed a man named Shane Marshall from the post of President of the Elgin Middlesex London Riding Association, but requested comment on whether he and the accused man were one. Did not respond immediately. same.

The Liberal Party refused to comment on the arrest.

Some Canadians also cast ballots in pre-voting on weekends, but Newfoundland’s three horseback riding votes ended indefinitely after the hurricane “Larry” struck the eastern part of the island. The Canadian Election Commission said it has no plans to add additional days for pre-voting.

By Lee Berthiaume

Canadian press

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