Trudeau wants everyone to be vaccinated.Outur warns about Trudeau’s achievements


Topical issues such as pandemics and vaccination, rising house prices, and indigenous peoples’ reconciliation have boosted discussions in the federal election campaign in recent weeks. Today, voters choose what matters most to them and who they actually think they will achieve. I promise.

The party leader closed the campaign on September 19 with the following important message:

Liberal Party

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau advertised the party platform on September 19 on key issues with the platform, including vaccinations, climate change, a ban on “attack weapons”, indigenous reconciliation, and affordable housing. Reaffirmed the promise.

“The only way to get over this pandemic is vaccination.” He said in the suspension of the campaign At Winnipeg on the last day of the campaign. “We need to ensure that everyone is vaccinated.”

He accused Conservative leader Erin O’Toole of not having plans to recover Canada.

“Mr. Outur cannot pretend to have plans for the future economy and work without plans to combat climate change,” he said.

Conservative party

Outur has the last rally September 19th Toronto, He called on attendees to vote for his party, repeating the interests of this election.

He called for a $ 600 million election, reminding Trudeau of his involvement in the WE charity scandal and the “concealment” of allegations of sexual misconduct in the military. ..

“Justin Trudeau doesn’t learn from his mistakes, and if he gets rewarded on Monday, he just keeps politicizing the pandemic, but worse than before,” said Autour.

“He will continue to push prices up, but that’s worse. Yes, he’s already threatened to do so, so whenever he thinks he can win more power, he’ll call another election.”


On September 19, at the final suspension of the campaign in Burnaby, British Columbia, NDP leader Justin Trudeau once again criticized Trudeau for causing a housing crisis in Canada.

“Since he took office, the average cost of buying a home nationwide has risen by $ 300,000. Things got worse,” Shin said.

he Prompted Proponents vote for affordable housing, his party if they want to stop fossil fuel emissions, and believe that “indigenous peoples get justice, clean drinking water, dignity, and respect.”


Kuomintang leader Maxime Bernier Tweeted on September 19th Voting for his party is “the only way to prevent the rise of authoritarianism in Canada.”

“Without a strong vote for tomorrow’s only true opposition, the government would justify crushing our freedoms and cracking down on dissidents like Australia,” he wrote. ..

At a rally in Westrock, Ontario, he told supporters that he would continue to serve as a “true opposition” in Congress after the election.

“We know that our lifestyle is at stake and we are rapidly losing our country,” he said.

Green party

Greens leader Anamier Paul has promised to end the logging of primeval forests during the suspension of the campaign. Victoria, British Columbia, September 18..

she Said She worked with state jurisdictions on this issue in a cooperative and non-conflicting manner.

“This is a collective future. There is no place, person or jurisdiction to compromise that collective future,” Paul said.

Isaac Theo


Isaac is a Toronto-based reporter.