Trump acknowledged Herschel Walker’s ‘complex personal history’ but said it ‘doesn’t matter’ because ‘the world is changing’


Former President Donald Trump speaks with Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker at the Save America rally in Perry, Georgia, Saturday, September 25, 2021.

Former President Donald Trump speaks with Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker at the Save America rally in Perry, Georgia, Saturday, September 25, 2021.Ben Gray/Associated Press

  • Trump discussed the history of Herschel Walker in an interview with Maggie Haberman last year.

  • Trump said he doesn’t think past domestic violence allegations will be a problem for the candidate.

  • Walker, who opposes abortion rights, has been accused of paying for an abortion, an accusation he denies.

Former President Donald Trump admitted last year that Herschel Walker has a “complex personal history,” but said he didn’t think it mattered.

Trump made the comments for her new book in an interview with New York Times reporter and CNN analyst Maggie Haberman. “Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America.” Haberman has shared an audio clip of an interview that took place about a year ago. CNN Thursday.

The clip opens with Trump describing Walker as a great footballer and saying he’s “the best footballer in the history of Georgia.” A former professional running back, Walker won the Heisman Trophy as a college football star at the University of Georgia before playing 12 seasons in the NFL.

Haberman can be heard stepping in to point out that Walker has a “complex personal history,” she revealed on CNN, which she was referring to. Past allegations of domestic violenceTrump admitted.

“He is, but it’s personal history that 10 years ago it might have been an issue. Twenty years ago it would have been a bigger issue. I don’t think it matters today,” Trump said.

When Haberman asked why, Trump replied, “Because the world is changing.”

CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked Haberman what he thought of Trump’s reaction.

“I think Donald Trump recognizes his own role in changing the world, as he puts it: he survived all sorts of scandals, so he thinks others can too. I have,” she said.

Herberman added that Trump is a “unique person” and some may not get over the scandal like the former president did. But Walker is also a former sports star, and she could benefit from that, she noted.

“We’re talking about his past allegations of domestic violence. We’ll find out if that’s true.”

More allegations against Walker have surfaced since Haberman’s interview with Trump.

Walker was a frequent critic of absentee fathers, especially in the black community, and publicly admitted to having only one son, Christian Walker.However Daily Beast This summer, Walker reported that he has three other children he never mentioned. Confirmed.

on monday, Daily Beast Walker, who is also a staunch opponent of abortion rights, reported that his pregnant ex-girlfriend paid to have an abortion.On Friday, The Times reported that a woman said Walker asked her for a second abortionbut she refused.

Walker denied her allegations, called The Daily Beast’s report a “complete lie” and vowed to sue. Check with NBC On Friday, he did date the woman, and even though he sent her cards and money, it wasn’t for an abortion, as she claimed.

On Tuesday, following reports of abortions, Trump defended Walker In a post on Truth Social.

Walker will face incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock in November.

A representative for Trump did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment.

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